Have you ever gone to a concert of your favorite artist? Concerts, as some may say, is an escape to the daily grind. It is one of the activities that people come to refresh their minds and sing their hearts out to their cherished songs of their favored artists. To enter the event, you will need concert tickets! If you plan on organizing a festival, a music party, or a rock concert, you can refer to Template.net! We offer ready-made and high-quality concert ticket templates that contain beautifully made graphic designs. All the templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable for the convenience of the customers. So, download our concert ticket templates now!

How to Make Concert Tickets in Adobe InDesign?

According to the Nielsen Music report, 52% of the Americans attend shows each year; those shows include music festivals, live concerts, and live music events. This information allows businesses to dive into the growing percentage of the concert market. One of the businesses that are significant to the event is ticket production. A concert ticket is proof of admission to a specific musical event. A person has to show his/her ticket upon entrance to authenticate the purchase. Here are the steps in making a concert ticket in Adobe InDesign.

1. Plan an Obtainable Goal

Initiate the making of the ticket by planning the details of the concert ticket. First, determine the type of musical concert that you want to run. There are many types of concerts; it can be a recital, theatrical, classical, or festival. All of these have a veritably different flavor that can rarely be combined. The difference also applies in ticketing; each type gives a unique feel that helps you imagine a design that separates all of them. So, you have to specify which type of concert it is since each of them has a distinct feature.

Also, you have to decide the number of tickets to sell. There are many types of admission tickets for concerts; there are the VIP, reserved-seat, and general admission, to name a few. Decide the number of tickets per admission, especially because that kind of information must be publicized before the selling. Afterward, choose the ticket sellers to market the concert; a prominent one is Ticketmaster.

2. Choose a Suitable Theme

The theme sets the mood of the concert tickets, and it gives an idea to the customers on what they should expect upon entering the venue. The ticket serves as one of the visual representations of the event. So, select a theme that suits best to the concert. There are seasonal themes that you can choose to celebrate holidays or any event, such as Christmas, Halloween, summer, and many more. Some common themes include retro, modern, vintage, electrical, and many others that you can choose. These themes must reflect on the ticket to show its significance to the event.

3. Design the Concert Ticket

To design the concert ticket, open your trusted Adobe InDesign, and create a new project. Resize the blank paper with the apt ticket sizes. The standard sizes are 2 x 5.5 inches and 3.5 x 8.5 inches, including the ticket stub. Then, it is time to be creative and place the designs. The designs must show relevance to the theme and the concert itself. In designing, the colors must complement each other. Use colors that are not that overpowering to the eyes of the consumers to prevail aesthetic harmony within the concert ticket.

4. Insert the Needed Texts

Tickets only need basic information about the event. The most significant detail answers the Who, What, When, Where, and How much of the concert. It must include the performers, the event, the time, the location, and the cost of the event. Some tickets are free, and it must also be written on the event ticket if that is the case. You can put barcodes or any mark to show legitimacy to avoid fake tickets and ticket scalping.

5. Print and Sell!

After everything, finalize the concert tickets. Recheck for any errors and misinformation. Then, save and print! You can, finally, sell the tickets or giveaway some since concert tickets are also excellent surprise gifts and raffle prizes!

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