What Is a Concert Ticket?

A Concert Ticket is an admission tool used by individuals who want to attend a concert. It is either in a horizontal or vertical form. Most event tickets are perforated so stubs can be torn off upon entrance. Whatever is left of the concert ticket becomes a keepsake. A concert's dynamics are incorporated into the concert ticket. The concert's details such as location, contact information, special guests (if any), time, and date are also present.

52% of Americans attend a musical entertainment each year. Las Vegas, Nevada is the town where most concerts are held---with 59 shows for every 100,000 residents. Attendees focus more on the experience rather than the expense of buying modern tickets.

Aside from concerts, tickets are also used as invitations to an event such as birthdays and weddings. They can also be used as an admission for movies and sports shows. They are also used as raffle tickets.

How to Create a Concert Ticket?

Your ticket double as an advertising and admission tool. To create an attractive concert ticket, read our outlines below.

1. Decide on Your Ticket's Dimensions

The standard size for admission tickets with stubs is 1.97 x 5.63, and the stub dimensions are 1.875. These are only applicable when you don't have a preferred ticket size yet. Make sure your ideal ticket size can accommodate your ticket's content.

2. Decide on Your Ticket Orientation

Tickets can either be vertical or horizontal. However, if your concert details are lengthy, then it would be wise to opt for a horizontal orientation. If otherwise, you can opt for the former. Decide on your ticket stub's position, too---left, right, top or bottom.

3. Add Design

Get creative. Your concert ticket's aesthetics or theme should be related to your event. You may incorporate pictures to beautify your editable ticket. When using photographs, try to avoid generic ones. Experiment until you find what's suitable for you.

4. Incorporate Sequential Numbering

Ticket sequential numberings help you trace the whereabouts of your ticket. Add your sequential numbering to your concert ticket and stub. If you want to look for a particular concert ticket, you can use the sequential numbering to search in your database.

5. Use Font and Colors Responsibly

Use appropriate fonts and colors for your sample ticket. Your font should be readable despite the images and designs in the background. For the colors, make sure they blend perfectly, and that they do not make information in your concert ticket incomprehensible.

6. Use an Appropriate Card Stock

The weight of your event should be evident in your printable ticket. A 14 point card stock or higher are perfect for non-flimsy concert tickets. High-quality card stocks exude confidence. A decent hard stock will more likely be kept as a keepsake.

If you don't like to create your concert ticket from scratch, you can download Template.net's concert ticket templates. These are preformatted and editable to your preference. Take heed of our tips above for a useful concert ticket.

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