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What is a Training Report?

It is a form of a report produced to make regular evaluation samples (see evaluation reports) in the development and growth of training. Institutions use this report to present information on employees who have accomplished their training over a specified period of time. This also enables an organization to review present and previous reports to evaluate if there are certain training taken that are completed or not.

In a nutshell, a training report is an assessment of the positive and negative aspects of the entire training program.

How to Write a Training Report

training report template

When writing a training report such as employee reports and monthly report, it is important to create a well-organized and proper format. This short guide will give you insights that will be helpful in writing a training evaluation report.

1. Present the Background and Goals

The background and goals of the training program can be written separately. These sections are often combined by short reports like training summary reports. The background part discusses a summary of training and how data was collected for the report. Reports may contain feedback from trainers or coaches and reviews of participants. You need to describe why the training took place and what leadership tried to achieve. If the program does not describe why the training has taken place, it is not feasible to correctly assess whether the goals have been achieved.

2. Illustrate Training Methods and Activities

Next thing is you need to describe the training methods and some activities done during the training. Provide a thorough discussion as to how the training session was done. Identify the presentation material and the duration of each workshop and even the participant workshop exercises. Also, explain the use of teaching aids during the program.

Just a tip, split this chapter into subsections if the training was broad, carried out over long periods of tie and across geographical areas, or had many distinct kinds of operations.

3. Cite Recommendations and Key Findings

After you define the goals and methods, it's time to emphasize this section with the main takeaways. Analyze the main feedback in surveys. Be concise and specific. Based on the main results, the conclusion should address possible implications for the organization. Take note, make a separate section for recommendations. There might be some similarity in important results, but do not incorporate recommendations with conclusions.

4. Attach Supporting Documents

Attaching additional files or documents will help for future training program planners. It will provide insights and ideas for new modifications to be introduced in the upcoming training workshops and exercises. You may include data such as training material copies, slide presentations or agendas.

5. Download Pre-formatted Training Report Templates

For your convenience, you can download pre-formatted training report templates for your training status report, summer training report, or for your post-training report. If you are a person assigned to do this, it could be easier for you because this website presents various templates. Make use of the built-in text and layouts that you can easily modify to fit your training report design needs.

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