Well-equipped, productive, and engaging individuals serve as significant assets to any establishment and organization. Their skills and knowledge are great tools for success. That's why it pays to value stakeholders through rigid work training. Offering training will increase your profit margin and employee retention — which is a good indication of success. Well, if you want to conduct a training session, start by creating a plan and designing a beautifully designed training certificate. If you are searching for certificates, we offer high-quality and 100% customizable Training Certificate Templates. Choose a template of your liking and start editing right away through MS Word, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Apple Pages.

What Is a Training Certificate?

Individuals and organizations who did exemplary work are handed out with certificates to document their achievements and participation. Certificates are essential documents that affirm the claim of a person about specific topics. Since there are various fields of expertise and activities all over, there are also various kinds of certificates handed over to people of different backgrounds. One of these basic certificates is training certificates. On a more specific note, it is a document that certifies a person or a group that they have completed the requirements and skills evaluation of training activity in academic seminars, workshops, and workplace learning sessions.

How to Make a Training Certificate?

Training ground is where a person learns something of value and importance to hone skills or capabilities. Training is a crucial session that allows stakeholders to acquire valuable knowledge and skills. Conducting training must be aligned with success to outline a more productive environment, especially in the workplace.

Workplace training is an activity wherein employees are taught, evaluated, calibrated, and certified on effective work schemes. Employee engagement should not remain stagnant; rather, it should be pushed to greater numbers to assure productivity and success rates. Gallup, an analytics and advice firm, affirms that 87% of the millennial workforce believe that career development and growth are significant. Additionally, investing in employee training is essential because it drives income to higher levels — by 218%, to be exact, as stated by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

The figures presented gives the Human Resource team of every organization to come up with new ways to engage with valued staff and members. Creating a training plan is a must; however, designing a custom certificate is another requirement. Well, if you want to garner ideas on how to make a training certificate, the following steps will serve as your guide.

1. Read the Training Plan

Before you create the creative certificate, scan through the training plan, and gather the necessary details as you read. Training plans usually contain the complete outline and details of the activity, so by reading it, you can collect the names, schedules, and sessions that need to be indicated in the certificate wording.

2. Organize the Content

To prove validity, certificates should have complete and concise wording allowing both award-giving bodies and recipients to know the scope of certification. In making certificates, you shouldn't afford to make mistakes as the document is used for settings such as job applications and promotions. Receiving gift certificates is a proud moment for every recipient because it shows to everyone that he has accumulated new ideas and ways to improve workflow. Hence, it is important to indicate the correct information so as not to turn off the recipient in his winning moment.

3. Create the Layout

The next step is all about the layout and enhancing the overall appearance of the sample certificate. To create an effective layout, one must utilize an editing platform to ease the work. Afterward, start placing the sections (title, presentation line, name of recipient, description, date, and signatures) of the document and the necessary graphic elements (business logo, borders, stamp/seal, and lines). It's important to strive for coherence in the design to arrive at a pleasing outcome worthy of formal presentation.

4. Print then Present

Training completions are best celebrated with recognition and certifications. After the training session with your respective participants, ready your printable certificates by printing them in high-grade blank paper stocks. Lastly, present the sample certificates to the hardworking trainees and participants.

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