What is a Training Checklist?

A training checklist is an HR checklist that consists of relevant actions or activities which needs to be carried out for a successful training program. Having a checklist will keep the mentors organized throughout the training period and will help them facilitate an efficient training program for the newly hired employees.

It is vital to train new employees before they assume their respective roles in the company for them to be equipped with the knowledge they need in executing their job responsibilities. Moreover, it helps them understand how the company operates, learn the rules and regulations set by the company, and familiarize the workflow and the activities they need to carry out for them to fulfill their duties.

How to Create a Training Checklist

training checklist template

Keep in mind that one should do a careful preparation on how exactly an employee checklist should be trained because a poorly planned corporate training plan may cost a fortune to a company in the long run. To aid you with your corporate training planning, we will walk you through five easy steps on how to create an effective training checklist.

1. Know the Participants

Before you begin simply list down the points to be considered and activities to be accomplished for the training, you first have to know the participants. You should know not only their names but also their capabilities. Make sure that you gather information about the skills they already possess and the skills they ought to know. It is important to assess them so that you will have a clearer idea on what type of training you should implement.

2. Set Goals

Now that you are familiar with the trainees after the assessment, you can already find out which particular aspects they need to work on for them to be a productive employee in the company. In setting goals, make sure that they are specific and realistic. Ask yourself, what should the trainees accomplish after the training? What outcomes would you want to see? Do you expect them to carry out their roles with minimal lapses? Setting goals will also help you identify what specific training materials you need to prepare for the procedure. List them down by using a checklist.

3. List Down Tasks

Goals are meant to be accomplished, but how? And what are the tasks needed to meet these goals? List them all down and categorize them for you to not miss out a thing. Your training program should be divided into categories such as company overview training, products and services training, soft skills development training, technical skills development training, and role-specific training.

4. Determine the Time Frame

After listing the tasks, organize and map out a schedule as to when things need to be done. It is important to specify the time frame for the implementation of the training activities. Also, make sure that the activities are thoroughly planned out from the beginning to the end of the training period for a successful training program. The training schedule should be clearly communicated to the trainer and the trainees. To help you with your time frame, use a Gantt Chart.

5. Implement

After thorough planning and preparation, your next step would be implementing your training plan and have your checklist filled with checkmarks every after accomplishing a certain task. It is not really always that a well-planned training program will work the way it’s supposed to, so make some adjustments if necessary. The statistic shows that companies incomes will reach 218% if they offer comprehensive training programs that those who don’t offer formal training to the employees.

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