After students or trainees fulfill their training programs, they need tangible awards to prove their achievements. And so, if you’re preparing such materials, consider using our professional Training Completion Certificate Templates to expedite your design process. Incorporate our samples to easily make awards for tailoring, software, photography, and other courses. You can even pick from different file formats to fit your preferred application (such as Mac Pages and Adobe Photoshop). Download today—quickly design professional certificates for any training program!

How to Make a Training Completion Certificate

Certificates are highly versatile when it comes to their usage and wording (according to an article from Lifewire). This makes certificates suitable for all kinds of courses, from job training to music lessons.

Putting together a professional certificate design is fairly easy to do on your own. Simply check out our tips (below) to find out how!

1. Give Your Training Completion Certificate an Appropriate Size

To start creating your training certificate, set up a suitable document layout. Pick from 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 14”, or 11” x 17” for your certificate’s size. For layout orientation, both landscape and portrait formats work just fine for a certificate. Along with that, include a small bleed area for printing purposes.

2. Implement Simple Graphics in Your Training Certificate

In your printable award, you need sleek and simple graphic designs for a professional look. In your document’s sides and corners, apply vector-style renders by using a few basic shapes. In regards to the graphic’s palette, use branding colors associated with the award provider’s company or organization.

3. Decide on Your Certificate’s Font

Typography is another primary aspect of your training completion certificate. Consider your text’s font styles and font colors, making sure to complement your design’s overall appearance. Additionally, use multiple font sizes for your certificate’s written content.

4. Enter Your Completion Certificate’s Text

There are several key details your training completion certificate should have. These details are the certificate heading, presentation line, awardee name, “from” line, award description, award date, and official signature(s). Remember to give enough space between all your sections.

And with that, you now have a better grasp on designing a certificate for your training program! Feel free to download our editable Training Completion Certificate Templates for your content creation.

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