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What is a Trainer Cover Letter?

This type of cover letter is used by trainers to introduce themselves to prospective employers and elaborate on their previous work experiences. Considering there are several kinds of trainers the contents of this letter vary from one case to another.

How to Write a Trainer Cover Letter

There are several types of professional trainers so it is important to write your cover letter specifically for the type of job you really want. If you are having some challenges in getting started, continue reading and follow these suggestions.

1. Choose the Format

To make a good impression on the hiring manager, you will have to use a good format for your cover letter. Make your name and contact details prominent, and on top of the letter just like a letterhead so that your potential employers can easily find it. Make use of a professional format (with Arial or Verdana as examples) when writing your cover letter and make sure the font size is readable.

2. Tell the Reason You're Joining

One of the purposes of the cover letter is to tell your future employer why you are an ideal candidate for the job and why you chose to work for them. Telling your reasons why they are your chosen employer gives them an idea clue of how long you are intending to work with them and that can give you an advantage in being hired.

3. Share Your Past Work Experience

When writing your cover letter it will get you a long way when you mention your experiences from past jobs. While your resume merely shows them, it is through your cover letter that you are able to give more details. For example, if you are applying to be a personal trainer, you could mention that you used to be an athletic trainer at a fitness gym. This will show that you are a capable instructor and make you an appealing candidate for the job.

4. Be Specific About The Job

There are many different types of trainers so make sure you specify what job position you are applying for in your cover letter. Simply using the word trainer could lead to misunderstandings if the company turned out to be hiring different types of trainers. Use the full title such as 'Safety Trainer', 'Sales Trainer', 'Corporate Trainer', etc. Doing this ensures that both you and your future employer are on the same page in your job application.

5. Proofread Before You Send It

Take some time to check your cover letter before printing it out. It will save you a lot of time and trouble. A cover letter with mistakes will turn a potential employer off and give you a disadvantage in the hiring process. Check that your contact details are updated so that you can be easily reached and review it to make sure it doesn’t have any typos and misinformation. Get someone else to proofread it for you as well just in case. Once you are sure, then you are definitely one step closer to getting a successful application done!

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