Offer a treat to your hardworking employees on their birthday with fancy food in a restaurant. Give them gift certificates for them to have a shopping discount or exclusive access to an online product. Continue to inspire them by giving them a voucher book to put a massive smile on their faces. Business is smooth when you have happy workers! Give a treat as well to your customers, and promote your products or services in a kind manner. Cement that generous atmosphere by choosing any of our ready-made, printable, and professionally designed voucher book templates. Also, they are easy to use and customizable. You can even have them personalized! Avail our templates now and start sharing the kind offers!

What is a Voucher Book

A voucher book is either a certificate or a document that has an ascribed exchange value. It functions as a substitute for money, or as a printed receipt indicating proof of purchase. It can be used to exchange various goods or a single product depending on the purpose. One way or another, it is a useful advertising tool by allowing people to avail of some things through kind offers, primarily through discounts.

How to Create a Voucher Book in Publisher

Making an excellent impression to either your employees or your customers needs dedication. Although you already show your generosity through the offers, it is still crucial to have the perfect gift wrap. The cherry on top is your beautiful voucher book. Follow this quick list to jump-start the voucher making!

1. Make it Sure-Real

A gift is genuine and believable when it is sure and real. You can not have your workers and customers rub their eyes in disbelief! Keep it real by tying up the voucher with realistic and reachable exchange values. It could be a relaxing massage, an exceptional dining experience, or a quick trip to another country. Again, nobody would believe if you are giving the latest Maserati. Also, provide a product brochure to guide them for the exchange.

2. “Make them an Offer they Cannot Refuse”

There is nothing like a faithful and loving godfather giving perks to people out of generosity. This may seem the opposite of the first point, but it is all about making that realistic deal irresistible. Again, do not go for the Maserati. Give a decent discount upon purchase, range of products to choose, or an equivalent amount of money. Hand them a comprehensive menu of offers they cannot refuse!

3. Show Where

What is the point of the voucher if it does not show where to use it. Especially the coupons are already the proof of purchase; the next question is: “where will your employee or guest transact it?” Better indicate the malls, restaurants, stalls, or centers that recognize the voucher’s value. Dish out the complete itinerary!

4. Tell When

Usually, vouchers only have a specific effective date. Many factors do contribute to it, such as the availability of products, or the predicted shifts in market prices. Better to consume its worth when the time is right. The products and services are not free, just purchased ahead of time. Do indicate the time, and make it pinned to everybody’s daily schedule. Urge them to use it!

5. Grab the Opportunity

Treat everything as a business opportunity. Your vouchers are one of the best tickets to showcase something. For instance, a massage parlor wants to promote its services, through a voucher they can invite people to try their offers. Pull people to avail, because their testimony is a valuable banner advertisement! Place the branding to continually remind them of the people, companies, goods, and services involved.

6. Brighten it Up with Colors

It is a gift! So avoid the gloom, and get those colors right! Right enough to invite the decision to use it. You do not want people not to use it. So better paint it for clarity while giving a subtle reminder of urgency and delight.

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