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How to Create a Website Roadmap in Excel

According to Albright Strategy, using roadmaps to achieve a specific objective will guide your team to recognize the risks along the way to it. As you can see, roadmaps are really important in the achievement of your goals or objects. So, if you need to create a roadmap for any objective for your company's website, we can help.

The list below contains tips in helping you create a roadmap in Excel.

1. Identify Your Objective

Always start with your main goal or objective for your website. What is it for? Is it for a website redesign to increase web traffic? Is it to create a new website to help your customers in online grocery shopping? Define your objectives, so you will have an idea of why you're creating your website roadmap.

2. Input Your Content

Next, you have to specify the content you need for your strategic planning. What steps should you consider to get your goal? Further, if for example, you're making a website design or redesign roadmap, you need to include details such as resource gathering, development, design, sprint or phase (timeline), and other necessary details. 

3. Keep the Content Simple

Another important thing to remember in making your strategy roadmap is only to include the necessary information. A roadmap's goal is to make complex information about your website's plan less complicated. This means you only have to write the crucial data to make your website project roadmap clear for your team.

4. Add Colors

Additionally, it would be best to add little colors to your website roadmap. Colors can make your work more engaging and clearer. Colors can attract people, and it can also help people identify or distinguish the content of your website roadmap easily.


  • Why should I download a website template?

      There are many of benefits to downloading a website template. First, you can save your time since it reduces work time because a template contains useful content already. Second, our website template has simple but clear visuals that can quickly convey your message to your stakeholders, team, and others.

  • Can I edit all the content of my website template?

      You can edit any content of the website template that you've downloaded since all our templates are 100% customizable, both text and graphics.

  • How many website templates are available for edit in MS Excel?

      We offer more than seven website templates that you can edit in MS Excel.

  • What are other types of website templates available on

      We have many website templates available for downloading, such as IT & software website templates, design website templates, web development templates, website agreement templates, blog header templates, construction website templates, and many more.