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Table of Contents

  1. Email Newsletter Sizes Standard
  2. Email Newsletter Sizes for Digital – Email Platforms
  3. Email Newsletter Sizes for Print
  4. Email Newsletter Sizes for Business
  5. Email News Sizes for Adobe Photoshop
  6. Email Newsletter for Adobe Illustrator
  7. FAQs

Email Newsletter Sizes

Email newsletters sizes come in different varieties, all of which pertain to a certain topic that is of common interest to its recipients. As some readers may have a lot of other emails in their inboxes, you need to create a newsletter worthy of their time, one that is direct to the point and not too lengthy.

Email Newsletter Sizes Standard

Email Newsletter Sizes for Digital – Email Platforms

Google Mail

When using Google Mail to send out newsletters, the standard size is 600 px by 2500 px, and the file size should never go beyond 102 KB.

google mail 788x

Yahoo Mail

The ideal size of email newsletters when disseminating them using Yahoo Mail is 600 px by 860 px, and the file size should not exceed 100 KB.

yahoo mail 788x

Microsoft Outlook

A lot of companies and businesses use Microsoft Outlook to send email newsletters and to create the best size, set the newsletter at a standard width of 600 px to 750 px. The recommended email size is not more than 102 KB.

microsoft outlook 788x

iCloud Mail

For Apple users, iCloud mail lets you send and receive messages that are up to 20 MB in size, which already includes the message text as well as any file attachments.

icloud mail 788x

Email Newsletter Sizes for Print

If you need to print an email newsletter, the ideal size is around 11” x 17” (4 pages) and 8.5” x 11” (2 pages). Without an envelope, you’ll need to fold them down to a final size of 5.5” x 8.5” to meet mailing standards.

email sizes for print 788x

Email Newsletter Sizes for Business

Newsletters intended for business purposes may follow the standard width of 600 px, length of not more than 3000 px, and file size below 1 MB. The best way to do this is by attaching the newsletter to the email as a PDF or JPG file.

email newsletter sizes for business 788x

Email News Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

If you need to design an email newsletter using Adobe Photoshop, it is recommended that you set the defined width to around 620 total pixels.

email news sizes for adobe photoshop 788x

Email Newsletter for Adobe Illustrator

The ideal dimensions for creating an email newsletter using Adobe Illustrator still fall within the standard measurement, which is 600 px and up.

email newsletter for adobe illustrator 788x


What Is the Size of an Email Newsletter?

Most email newsletters follow a standard dimension of around 550 to 650 px for the width and the main content is written within the top 300 to 500 px.

What’s the Best Email Newsletter Length?

The ideal newsletter length should be between 20 lines or less, and between 600px to 3000px.

How to Change the Size of an Email Newsletter in Photoshop?

Open Photoshop, create a new file, then you will find settings where you can customize your preferred size.

What Is the Paper Size of a Newsletter?

The standard paper size for a newsletter for US letter size is 8.5″ x 11″, or a tabloid size of 11″ x 17″.

What Is the Best Size of an Email Newsletter in Pixel?

Preferred email newsletter size 600 pixels or 650 pixels.

How Do You Change an Email Newsletter Font Size?

Simply open the editing application, go to the format setting, and choose the font size for the specific texts.

What Is the Printer Size of an Email Newsletter?

Printers may support the size of 8.5″ x 11″ yet some printers can be set to print out newsletters to fit the dimensions you need.

What Is the Best Image Size for an Email Newsletter?

The best image size for an email newsletter is 600 px to 650 px.

How to Design an Email Newsletter in Perfect Dimensions?

To capture the perfect dimensions, open the editing application, rearrange the details, and change the dimensions while constantly ensuring that all the content fit the newsletter.

What Size Should My Banner Be for an Email Newsletter?

A typical email banner size is 600 to 700 px on desktop, and 320 to 385 px on mobile.

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