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Envelopes have been used by humans in as early as 3,500 to 3,200 BC in the Middle East, although they are not the same as the paper ones we know today. Back then they were molded clay spheres with a hollowed-out area, used to bring financial tokens and even used in private transactions.

What is known as the first paper envelopes were developed in China, when paper was invented in the 2nd century BC. These envelopes were known to store money that are given as gifts. However, it was not until 1845 when handmade envelopes were available for use for commercial and domestic purposes, when a pair of Britons were granted a patent for the first ever envelope-making machine, although back then, wax seals were used to hold the envelope together.

The pre-gummed, easily sealable envelopes took another 50 years to develop, but sure enough, they are still widely used today. However, while many people think of envelopes as parcels containing flat, paper documents, they have become more versatile in their shape and use now than ever before.

There are at least 10 kinds of envelopes nowadays, and the most creative ones are used for wedding invitations, grand events, and even business announcements. The envelopes being used to deliver are now as important as the message being delivered. Envelopes tell the receiver who you are at one glance, and are personally addressed to your audience.

Creative envelopes in various shapes other than the standard rectangle or square should attract attention and motivate the receiver to open them up and take a look at what’s inside. This is why envelopes nowadays are more inclined to be more colorful and creatively designed, as opposed to the simple white or brown parcels that look official from a person’s standpoint.

There are plenty of ways to craft creative, attention-grabbing envelopes, from the accompaniment of the official company letterheads, to greeting cards, to wedding invitation envelopes, to creative, themed pieces for corporate events and parties, the designs are unlimited. However, you may want to start by dipping your toes in the water and search for particular examples or design that you can download on this website to get you started on the envelope design process.

With high-quality envelopes with beautiful design and high-resolution images, all printable envelopes are created by experts with years of experience in commercial print and design. Get access to a vast number of templates whenever, wherever you need it to be. Make sure your mail stands out and attracts your audience, so make use of our free, downloadable envelope templates now.