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We know that you want to be more professional when sending business letters to your clients, which is why we have designed these ready-made envelope templates to make sure a professional relationship is built. Some of our envelopes can be used instantly as a travel agency envelope, massage envelope, marketing agency envelope, creative agency envelope, and a whole lot more. Each comes with simple and minimal graphics including contents that suit your business. Utilize our customized text and content style to suit every occasion for your brand. These templates are fully customizable in different file formats including MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Apple Pages, and Publisher. Take advantage of these ready-made envelope templates now!

How to Make an Envelope?

how to make an envelope

According to an article in the Pitney Bowes site, customers are bombarded with messages from both physical and digital mediums. This means that there is a lesser chance that the recipient of the mail would read it. If this happens, there is also a possibility that your brand will not be promoted. Printable envelopes with your brand on it may be reached by your recipients, but they have no luxury of time to check it out. However, there is also 84 percent of the customers who open a piece of mail. Therefore, we might also have to consider how an envelope should be done. It must have been the graphics, isn't it?

Envelopes come in many forms such as money envelope, cash envelope, and in small size envelope. Envelopes with varied purposes invite numerous prospects as well as retaining customers for your business to prosper. To be guided on how you can keep your customers and entice your prospects, keep reading to know. 

In the digital era, few still prefer to write and receive mail; not many are interested in writing thank you letters anymore. However, some still have that "old soul" in them. There are still some who prefer it that way, so make it special! 

1. Make Your Envelope Proud of Your Brand

The design of a sample envelope can also be a tool for brand promotion. Thus, it is important to consider that in making the graphics of your mail it should stand out. According to an article in Pitney Bowes, the average attention span of an individual is only around 8 seconds. That's pretty short, right? In just a short period, you can either build, keep, or lose your customer. 

2. Use Stunning and Gorgeous Colors

A recent study suggests that 69 percent of customers open an envelope because they are most likely adorned by the color and the presentation of the creative and yet simple envelope. Thus, it is important that when you design an envelope, make sure it captures your customer's attention, which leads to effective brand promotion. 

3. Make It Special

Now is the time you can do it on your own. You may grab any piece of paper; make sure it is twice as large as your desired size. The standard size would be 8.5 by 11 inches. There are many other ways you can do it, but you may also fold it in half before beginning especially if you want to make a smaller envelope. 

4. Bind It Together

Use the tape to ensure that the edges of the rectangle are closed, then leave the top portion open for you to insert your letter or card. Be sure to do so, because if not, your recipient might just see the envelope and not your content. 

5. Put the Flap on Top 

Making a small flap on the open edge of the rectangle secures the letter from falling off. A half-inched flap will do, or if you want to make it thicker, you may double its size.  

6. Put in Your Best Message

Bend the flap to the opposite direction and insert your letter, card, or other contents. After you have finished this process, fold the flap down again. It doesn't matter if your letter is just plain white or the message is juggled, as long as the envelope entices your recipient and is very much appreciated and remembered. 

7. Secure the Flap on Top 

Finally, it's time o wrap it up. To keep your message enclosed, place a thin line of glue along the inner edge of the envelope flap. Then press the flap down. You may also secure the flap with a decorative tape. There are lots of designs you can choose from, like rosebud, leaf, or tangled hair. The design depends on the type of letter you are sending, whether its a formal document or a restaurant invitation envelope

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