Infographics are extensively used and applied in diverse and expansive ways in many businesses and organizations for marketing, reporting, and gaining business insight. Creating an engaging infographic will help businesses and organizations to display valuable data, facts, information, and trends effectively. infographics

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Infographic Definition & Meaning

An infographic is a clear visual representation of data, facts, figures, information, and statistics through organized charts, graphs, and other graphic tools. 

Infographics are essential to many businesses, organizations, and professionals to clearly and quickly present complex information and to guide them in better recognizing and visualizing various patterns and trends in a specific area. 

What Is an Infographic?

An infographic is an abbreviation of information graphic which uses visual elements to communicate information for business and organizational purposes such as content marketing and brand promotion. It is commonly used in traditional prints, online publications, blogs, and/or social media pages to visualize data, latest trends, patterns, and statistics, and to guide the audience to immediately comprehend the message.

10 Types Of Infographic

Timeline Infographic Chart

A timeline infographic chart is a very popular type of infographic that is mostly used in a presentation, providing a clear visual representation of information in a time progression context. It highlights specific pieces of information by linking them with periods while depicting the data through detailed illustrations.  


Infographic Medical Vector

If you are working for a healthcare facility or medical institution, creating a well-structured medical infographic is very crucial to help patients gain fundamental knowledge when it comes to understanding information on specific diseases, medical procedures, and the latest health care topics. Use a systematic infographic medical vector to present medical topics and concerns.  


Massage Advertising Infographic Post

Build your massage brand and gain new clients when you design a compelling massage advertising infographic post. This will help you to quickly promote your massage and spa business, as well as inform many people about the health benefits of massage therapy.


Sales and Marketing Vector

Aligning the different goals, motivations, and tools of your sales and marketing departments can be challenging. We suggest that you use an engaging sales and marketing vector for your infographic materials so that you can present business processes, concepts, numeric data, and statistics. 



A syllabus is a comprehensive document that clearly outlines the content for the semester. When preparing your syllabus, it is important to use a simple infographic syllabus template, minimize your text, divide the sections properly, turn numbers into charts and graphs, and incorporate a bright color as an accent. 


Sell Sheet

Some clients are still accustomed to having printed information about your business. If you have brands, products, services, or processes that can be visualized, think about printing infographics in the form of company brochures or specification sheets like this colorful infographic sell sheet template


About Me Infographic

Introduce yourself as an artist, blogger, content creator, or any other professional title with a contemporary About Me infographic. Apply some earth tones, simple geometric lines and shapes, typography art, and/or other graphical elements that personify your brand identity. 


Infographic Growth Vector

This type of infographic is commonly used to depict growth in certain areas of your business or organization. Use a simple infographic growth vector along with standard charts, diagrams, and graphs to demonstrate key aspects of your business operations, development strategies, and workflow through standard charts, and diagrams. 


Infographic Graph Vector

If you need to create a simple yet striking infographic graph for your presentation, we recommend that you use an incredibly-designed infographic graph vector artwork like this one. Visualize concepts, topics, data, and trends by using diverse colors and shapes.


Infographic Resume

Make a one-of-a-kind infographic resume when you are applying for a job position. Showcase your creative skills and professional work experience through an eye-catching and minimalist infographic resume which helps your application to get noticed in a competitive job market.


Infographic Uses, Purpose, Importance

An infographic has multiple uses based on the purpose of the infographic material of a business or an organization. Nowadays, it is widely used in digital content like in blogs and social media pages. Listed below are the common uses, purposes, and importance of infographics.

Brand Awareness

Creating visually appealing infographics is important to reinforce a brand. Having an infographic embedded with your logo and with your business brand prominently displayed is very effective in increasing brand awareness. 

Informative Guides/Manuals

Infographics are important to internal communication and education. These graphic representations are great in employee guides, product information manuals, and/or resource booklets.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

Many companies, institutions, and organizations use an infographic to market and promote their products, services, and processes to the public. Businesses print company brochures and sell sheets to visualize their products, services, and processes. 

Increased Blog/Website Traffic

All kinds of infographics published online are immensely shareable for use around the internet. If your infographic is published on a blog or website, it commonly provides an embed code that enables an automatic link from the original website to your blog or website.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization 

As infographics can be easily shared on various social media platforms, it greatly benefits search engine optimization or SEO. It helps your business or organization to become visible on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. 

What’s In an Infographic? Parts?

Title and Subheadings

Write a simple yet thought-provoking title and subheadings. Inform your readers of what they need to know right away. 

Accurate Statistics

Ensure that you provide accurate, relevant, and valuable statistics. Cite all facts and figures to the legitimate references and sources from which you obtained the information. 

Color Scheme

Select a striking color scheme that matches the message you want to convey to the audience. The colors you choose should invoke a certain feeling.

Graphics or Illustrations

Including some eye-catching graphics, or illustrations is a fantastic way to make an enticing infographic. Due to the intense competition for attention on the internet, make your graphics and illustrations stand out from the rest. 

Facts and Figures

Highlight the most important facts and figures in your infographic by specially formatting them. You may increase their font size, choose a unique font style, or bold the typeface. 

Organized Narrative

The audience is attentive to content with a compelling and organized narrative. Your infographic must be arranged and structured within the right context in a way that they can easily absorb the information.


How to Design an Infographic?

  1. Choose an Infographic Size
  2. Consider the purpose of your infographic
  3. Select the Infographic Template
  4. Write the title and subheadings 
  5. Indicate the data, facts, figures, trends, and statistics
  6. Choose your font, typography style, and color scheme
  7. Design the overall layout of your infographic
  8. Adjust, edit and revise other visual and text elements if necessary
  9. Finalize and download your work


Infographic vs. Graphic Organizer

An infographic is a visual communication tool that simplifies complex, lengthy data, information, statistics and trends through graphic illustration, large typography and long, vertical orientation. 

A graphic organizer is a graphic display that expresses the relationships between facts, ideas, and terms with the use of concept diagrams, knowledge maps, or story map to help individuals classify their ideas in an organized way. 

What’s the Difference Between an Infographic, Data Visualization & Dashboard?

An infographic is an essential visual communication tool that represents specific data, facts, figures, trends, and statistics of a business, or an organization for their advocacy, brand, event, products, and/or services. 

A data visualization is a clear graphical representation of data and information with the use of simple charts, graphs, maps, and other data visualization tools to help businesses, organizations, and professionals in observing and analyzing trends, patterns, and outliers in data.

A dashboard is a visual display of one’s data to give primary information at a glance as it obtains information from a linked database.

Infographic Sizes

Infographics have a wide array of standard sizes both in digital and physical formats. The infographic size and format are based on the type of infographic material that will be used to present to the public. 


Infographic Ideas & Examples

There are numerous ways to demonstrate your creativity and innovation when it comes to designing infographics. Check out the following details for more infographic ideas and design inspiration.

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What should be included in an infographic?

An infographic should include a descriptive title and subheadings, comprehensive statistics, a bold and theme-based color scheme, vivid graphics, a well-structured sequential story, and uniquely formatted facts.

What information is shown in the infographic?

The information presented in the infographic is a visualization of informative data, facts, figures, and statistics, with the use of various charts, graphs, and other graphic representations. 

What is infographic promoting?

An infographic usually promotes a specific brand, business, event, product, idea, trend, data, and statistics.

What is an infographic poster?

An infographic poster is a type of marketing and promotional tool that contains infographics to demonstrate fundamental information.

What are the rules for an infographic?

The standard rules when creating an infographic are to make sure to tell a compelling story, keep things simple, present information in a sensible way, provide context to your data, convey one main idea, and avoid misrepresenting information. 

What makes an effective infographic?

When making an effective infographic, it is important to make a thought-provoking story, maintain simplicity, utilize appropriate data visualization, logically organize the content, avoid text and graphic clutter and select the right color scheme for your infographic material.

How do you analyze an infographic?

If you need to analyze an infographic, you need to scrutinize the infographic, list down your first impression,  identify the major points or arguments that the infographic is trying to convey to its audience and how they are portrayed in the infographic, and determine the supporting details for each main argument or point, know its target audience, and examine the connection between the color scheme, font, and images used in the infographic.

What is an infographic image?

An infographic image is a type of image that represents data, information, trends, and statistics.

What is an infographic supposed to do?

A well-designed infographic acts as a powerful visual communication tool that helps businesses and organizations in developing eye-catching content and make their brand, products, services, and/or ideas get noticed in a short amount of time. 

How do you make an infographic on Microsoft Office?

Go to the SmartArt Graphic Box, choose your preferred SmartArt Graphic Box, and, edit infographic text, or you can select an infographic template from their wide selection of infographic templates that fits your current needs preferences.