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Table of Contents

  1. Invitation Sizes Standard
  2. Invitation Sizes for Digital – Social Media
  3. Invitation Sizes for Print
  4. Invitation Sizes for Email
  5. Invitation Sizes for Business
  6. Invitation Sizes for Adobe Photoshop
  7. Invitation Sizes for Adobe Illustrator
  8. Invitation Sizes FAQs

Invitation Sizes

Choosing the right invitation size can affect the tone of your invitation template. Invitation sizes also vary depending on the type, purpose, or preference of the sender or host.

Invitation Sizes Standard

The standard size for an invitation is 5” × 7”. This is commonly used for most invitation types due to its convenience in printing and storing, and you can easily find predesigned envelopes for this.

Invitation Sizes for Digital – Social Media

For digital invitations, such as those evites sent through email or posted on social media, the size should be around 1080px × 1920px to 1500px × 2100px. This is to ensure that the simple invitation is of high quality without compromising readability.

invitation sizes for digital social media

Invitation Sizes for Print

When you opt to print your invitations, there are several sizes to choose from:

invitation sizes for print

Invitation Sizes for Email

When you send invitations through email, it is best to go for 450px to 600px wide, allowing for readability on different devices, such as a tablet, phone, or desktop, without distorting the design.

invitation sizes for email

Invitation Sizes for Business

When designing professional invitations intended for business purposes, you can never go wrong with the classics—the standard size 5” × 7”. It has enough room for important details and designs.

invitation sizes for business

Invitation Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

When creating invitations in Photoshop, you may choose the standard size 5” × 7” or any other sizes listed in the Invitation Sizes for Print section. For the resolution, the recommended size is 300px, which is great for printing and sending digitally.

invitation sizes for adobe photoshop

Invitation Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

For invitations created using Illustrator, the recommended size is similar to that created using Photoshop, which is 5” × 7” and 300px for the resolution, although you can actually choose other sizes of your preference.

invitation sizes for adobe illustrator

Invitation Sizes FAQs

What Size Should an Invitation Be?

The standard invitation size is 5” × 7”.

What Is the Normal Size of a Wedding Invitation?

A wedding invitation follows the standard size, which is 5” × 7”, although some would prefer to customize the size of their invitation.

What Is the Size of an Invitation Card?

Invitation cards, especially the commercial ones, come in various sizes:

  • Standard – 5” × 7”
  • Small – 4.25” × 6”
  • Medium – 6.25” × 4.5”
  • Large – 5.5” × 7.5”
  • Extra-large – 6.5” × 8.75”
  • Long/thin – 4” × 9.5”
  • Square – 6” × 6”; 5.25” × 5.25”

What Size Envelope Fits a 5” × 7” Invitation?

A7 envelopes (5.25” × 7.25” or 133mm × 184mm) best suit the 5” × 7” invitation.

What Is a Good Size for a Trifold Invitation?

For trifold invitations, the recommended sizes are 4” × 5.5” and 5” × 7”.

What Is a Normal Invitation Size?

The normal invitation size is the same as the standard size, which is 5” × 7”.

What Size Envelope Fits for A5 Invitations?

C5 envelopes (6.4” × 9” or 162mm × 229mm) best suit the A5 invitation.

What Is a Good Size for a Digital Invitation?

For digital invitations, the recommended sizes are from 1080px × 1920px to 1500px × 2100px.

What Is a Statement Size Invitation?

A statement size invitation, also known as a half sheet invitation, measures 5.5” × 8.5”.

What Is the Typical Invitation Size?

The typical invitation is the standard 5” × 7” invitation.

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