Voucher Ideas

Vouchers are used to reward customers so they are able to use these to avail of an item or perhaps a special service. While its perks and rewards can be an attractive feature, its design must be able to complement its presentation. To get you started, we’ve got a collection of ideas and examples that will inspire you to create that perfect voucher.

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Voucher Ideas and Examples

Most business organizations use vouchers as a way to gain more clients and retain old ones. They often offer different kinds of vouchers from discounts, promotions, or complimentary use of certain services. So whatever is being featured in a voucher, designing and choosing its layout should be relevant to its purpose.

Clothing Voucher Ideas and Examples

One commonly used voucher is a clothing voucher which is quite popular with shoppers. Take for example this store promotion voucher where customers are entitled to discounts on certain clothing items for a given time period.


Unique Voucher Ideas for Example

If you want your voucher to stand out from the traditional-looking ones, check out this unique valentines day voucher that you can create for the season of Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any other popular holidays in your region. Or perhaps when your business celebrates its anniversary, select a design that is perfect for such an occasion.


Gift Voucher Ideas and Examples

Gift vouchers could be purchased by a customer as a present to somebody else. Or this can be given as a reward to a loyal client. A great gift idea is this fuel card gift voucher which can be quite useful for those who have vehicles.


Student Voucher Ideas and Examples

To appeal to all sorts of clientele, offering a student voucher is a great way to attract students who have graduated or are about to start a new school year. With this swimming class voucher, students will be able to get a discount if they wish to enroll.


Beautiful Wedding Voucher Ideas and Examples

A wedding is a memorable experience for couples and their families. Planning for one can be complicated and costly. Try out this wedding photography voucher idea so you will be able to attract a new group of customers to avail of your services.


Birthday Voucher Ideas and Examples

Like weddings, one of the most celebrated occasions is a birthday. Whether you hold a party for a baby who just turned one, or for your mom then planning for a party should be a fun experience. With a birthday voucher present this to any celebrant so they can avail of a discount or perhaps something like a free cake or a token.


Voucher Ideas and Examples for Sale

Do you have items that are on sale? Then this sale discount voucher is a great way to attract customers to buy your products. You can write down how much discount you are offering and its terms.


Couple Voucher Ideas and Examples

Need to prepare a voucher that could be used for partners, couples, or those who come in pairs? Then take a look at this elegant wedding gift voucher which is designed to offer a discounted amount that is applicable for two guests.


Restaurant Gift Voucher Ideas and Examples

There are different ways to market your restaurant business. One of which is by offering gift vouchers and coupons to your customers. Check out this restaurant gift voucher idea you can design and include details for discounted food meals.



What Should a Voucher Include?

A voucher should include the business name, logo, content, and in some cases the expiration date.

What Does a Gift Voucher Do?

A gift voucher can be used as payment for a certain item or service which is worth the same amount.

What Do You Say When Giving a Voucher?

When offering or rewarding a voucher to a client or an employee you can express your thanks or appreciation for their loyalty, effort, or for being a new member of the organization.

Where Do Vouchers Come From?

Most vouchers come from businesses who use these to encourage customers to avail of their goods and services.

What can Vouchers be used for?

Vouchers are used to purchase goods and services and for accounting, this document serves as a proof of business transaction.

Are Vouchers a Good Idea?

Vouchers are good for businesses in retail and service-oriented industries who want to gain more clients and encourage new ones to try out their brand.

What Are the Cons of Vouchers?

The advantage of vouchers is that customers can enjoy price reductions, or try out a service they have never tried before and for companies, this is one convenient and easy way of marketing their brand.

What are the Components of a Voucher?

The main components of a voucher are the company details, it should show a clear description of what is included and its quantity.

What Are the Key Elements to be Checked in a Voucher?

The key elements that you need to check in a voucher are its expiration, description, quantity, and terms.

What are Vouchers in Banks?

Vouchers that are used in banks are a cash receipt voucher which is used for the amount received in cash and bank receipt vouchers record the receipt of the demand draft or check.