Birthday Vouchers Templates

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What Is a Birthday Voucher?

A voucher is a valuable promotional tool that is used by companies to increase sales, compete with rivaling businesses, retain existing customers and attract new ones. In regards to birthday vouchers, it's one that's specifically used by customers to avail discounts on certain items or to directly acquire products and/or services on their birthdays. If gift cards make great presents during one's special day, then a birthday voucher can be just as good. 

How to Make a Good Birthday Voucher

birthday voucher template

People celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Some throw a large party while others prefer to have the event plain and simple. However, if you hand a future celebrant a present or gift voucher, then that person might have a change of plans in order to use it during his/her special day. So if you're planning on making vouchers specifically meant for birthday celebrants, then be sure to follow the steps below:

1. Put Your Feet in the Consumer's Shoes

Bear in mind that your business has to gain customers and increase its sales. That is why you'll need to learn how to create captivating vouchers. You have to step down as a seller and view things from the perspective of the buyer. Doing that will allow you to understand what potential customers would want and how would you attract their attention.  aware of the It will even make you aware of the things that you should and should not do.

2. Seek for Relevancy

Since you're making a birthday voucher, you need to make sure that it's contents are relevant to its purpose. You need to offer appropriate discounts for celebrants and you'll also have to specify details on how to acquire the benefits on their special day. Many sample vouchers will specifically point out what it is that one can obtain. That said, ensure your offers are relevant by giving discounts or the chance to avail items such as cakes, wishes, drinks, balloons, and even food.

3. Do the Layout

This is where creativity comes, especially if you're using a blank voucher template. Design your vouchers accordingly. Be creative with your layout as you have the freedom to play with the components such as color schemes, font sizes, font styles, borders, and even shapes. However, ensure that each individual component complements one another so that your birthday voucher looks appealing.

4. Enter the Essentials

After doing the layout, input the necessary details immediately. Provide details on "what," "when," "where," "why," "who," and "how." If done right, there shouldn't be any questions or concerns as everything will already be covered by the voucher. Also, including terms and conditions is highly suggested so that your recipients will further understand how they may be able to use the birthday voucher without running into any issues.

5. Print and Distribute

Use high-quality material for your printable voucher so that the quality will not be compromised. If it's well-made, then there's no doubt that customers will be more than happy to purchase it. After printing the desired amount, you can proceed to distribute them to the different establishments where your target customers frequent.