How to Create a Book in Microsoft Publisher

You may create a book from concept to design to publish-ready form thanks to Microsoft Publisher’s broad layout and design features. how-to-create-a-book-in-microsoft-publisher

How to Create a Book in Microsoft Publisher

With the help of the robust desktop publishing software program Microsoft Publisher, you can quickly and effortlessly design, develop, and publish a variety of publications, including books.

  • Step 1: Start from Scratch by Opening a New Blank Document

    Start your Microsoft Publisher application. Go to the Home tab of the Publisher ribbon and select New. You can choose from a variety of page layout options. Choose the standard 8.5″ × 11″ blank paper unless you specifically want to design your book in another size. There are numerous page sizes available in Microsoft Publisher that you can choose from for your book.

  • Step 2: Begin Inputting Text by Using the Insert File or Draw Text Box

    It is now the time to input the text for your book. In the Insert tab, you can either choose the “Draw Text Box” option and start writing from scratch, or you can use the “Insert File” option to insert an existing text file (text, rich text, or Word file). The formatting tools in Microsoft Publisher can be used to layout the book how you wish. The font, margins, and every other aspect of the appearance of your book are entirely within your control.

  • Step 3: Create Additional Pages Based on the Layout of the Master Page

    By selecting “Duplicate Page” from the “Insert” menu, you can create additional pages based on the original one. You can also use the Master Pages option under the Page Design tab, which will allow you to make broad changes to every page in your book.

  • Step 4: Insert Pictures

    To include images and other artistic components in your book, go to the “Insert” menu and choose the “Pictures” or “Online Pictures” options under the Illustrations group.

  • Step 5: Save the Book

    Save your book as a template so you can access it the next time you want to use Microsoft Publisher to write a book. Save your document as a PDF so that it can be printed as a book at a printer and as a Microsoft Publisher file so that it is simple to access and edit later, if necessary. To save, go to the File tab, select Save As, choose the file location, type in the file name, set the file type for your book in the “Save as type”, and click Save.


What are the standard sizes for books in publishing?

For your reference, the standard book sizes for some examples in inches are: 5×8 for novella books; 7.5×7.5, 7×10, and 10×8 for children’s books; and 6×9, 7×10, and 8.5×11 for textbooks.

What is the most commonly used size for books?

The most commonly used size for books is the standard 8.5×11 inch size.

What is the minimum number of pages a book must have?

There are limitations on how many pages can be in a printed book; the minimum page for a book is 24 pages, and the maximum is 828 pages.