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Table of Contents

  1. Calendar Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Calendar?
  3. 10 Types of Calendar
  4. Academic Calendar
  5. Calendar Uses, Purpose, Importance
  6. What’s in a Calendar? Parts?
  7. How To Design A Calendar?
  8. Calendar vs Reminders
  9. What’s the Difference Between a Calendar, Agenda, and Schedule?
  10. Calendar Sizes
  11. Calendar Ideas & Examples
  12. FAQs
  13. More in Calendar


Calendars, digital or printable, display the dates, months, and the respective holidays and observances around countries nationwide for that particular year. It is a useful item that everyone will be looking for when they need a reminder on what day goes with which date.

Calendar Definition & Meaning

A calendar is a printed or electronic representation of a year’s conventional split into months, weeks, and days.

That means that it is used by anyone who wants to check on the eventful dates or holidays such as the middle of the year or the Fall season so they could plot their tasks or activities.

What Is a Calendar?

Calendars are printed tables that display the days, weeks, and months of a year. They also include events and dates within the year that are significant. A calendar is beneficial for verifying dates for people who need to create schedules around specific events.

10 Types of Calendar

Budget Calendar

A budget calendar is a list of tasks that helps to plan and accomplish activities to construct and develop a budget. Budget calendars are required for large enterprises to create complicated budgets. Making use of an available template for the budget calendar helps to keep track of everyday spending.

budget calendar

Business Calendar

A business calendar is a management and communication tool that aids in team organization and efficiency. Since business calendars serve a diverse purpose, they contain a variety of features and functionalities. By utilizing all of the layouts and capabilities available in today’s current software, you may build cooperation with a digital business calendar.

business calendar

Desk Calendar

Desk calendars help you stay organized and stay on top of crucial deadlines. People usually keep these calendars on their desks for convenient access while going about their daily activities. These calendars are ideal for business workstations whether at work or home. It may be used to emphasize future deadlines as well as a daily planner.

desk calendar

HR Calendar

An HR calendar is a list of significant dates that the HR department should be aware of. Vacations, holidays, events, deadlines, and other critical dates of the human resources department can all be included. The HR calendar saves all data submitted by managers and employees and adds relevant dates from accounts and leaves the monitoring on the screen on its own.

hr calendar

Academic Calendar

An academic calendar is a timetable of all the activities that take place during the academy. Exam dates, spring break or reading week, and the end day of the semester are examples of such occurrences. It can also be beneficial to prospective students, alumni, and parents. Each educational institution develops its very own academic calendar with certain dates.

academic calendar

Accounting Calendar

The accounting calendar specifies the beginning and end dates of your fiscal year, as well as the periods within that calendar, as well as the specific dates for each period. These set intervals, also known as enterprise periods, are used by your sales app for a variety of objectives. Typically, the accounting period corresponds to the Gregorian calendar year, which runs from January 1 to December 31. This natural sequence of months is followed by the accounting period.

accounting calendar

Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar is a list of all marketing activities planned for the near future. A marketing calendar is normally created for a quarter or year, but it must be updated when new marketing activities or campaigns are added. Marketing calendars aid in the alignment of your growth, sales, and marketing initiatives for optimal success.

marketing calendar

Monthly Calendar

A monthly calendar is a period from one month’s date to the following month’s date, for example, from March 1st to April 4th or May 4th. The amount of time between the same day of one month to the same date of the following month, which might be 28, 29, 30, or 31 days long during a leap year. For example, the period from January 21st to February 20th.

monthly calendar

Staff Calendar

A staff calendar is a timetable for a specified time that includes personnel names and shift times. Employers use these schedules to allot hours to each of their employees and to provide everyone with a reference sheet for shift timings. A staff calendar guarantees that you accomplish your tasks on schedule. There will be occasions when you finish early or must work overtime. A constant work schedule, on the other hand, motivates workers to complete their tasks successfully and efficiently.

staff calendar

Yearly Calendar

A yearly calendar is a depiction of the year that either expires with the year shown or must be changed annually to be current. In two cases, the phrase has different but related meanings. The first is for static sync calendars like wall calendars or calendar systems. The yearly calendar is based on the Gregorian calendar which is what is mostly used around the world.

yearly calendar

Excel Calendar

An excel calendar is a type of calendar that one can utilize through Microsoft Excel. With simplistic but highly organized layouts, this calendar type possesses a high level of adaptability that’s suitable to a wide variety of needs. What better calendar for busy professionals to use than this?

excel calendar

Calendar Uses, Purpose, Importance

Calendars help keep track of impending meetings, deadlines, and milestones. They aid in the visualization of your calendar and serve as a reminder of crucial occasions such as holidays and vacation time. To maximize the use of calendars, you should know their purpose and importance as well.

Student Studies

Rather than pulling an all-nighter composing papers or memorizing notecards, planning for these study periods can put you up for academic and university success. Breaking up your education even in college into 30-minute periods will help you recall information and reduce unpleasant studying. Short and regular study times produce greater benefits than large, infrequent ones which could also help elementary students with shorter attention spans.


Calendars help you become more productive, and utilizing one helps you create routines in your days. Some people plan their lists in their calendars. This technique of working guarantees that key tasks are not overlooked and that everything that has to be done is completed.


You may rush around doing things in no particular sequence if you do not prioritize what to do. However, what might result from such a hectic work day is the need to redo duties later since they were done out of sequence. This, in turn, has an impact on productivity. When you have to redo some of your tasks, you do less of them that day.

Time Management

Calendars are useful for scheduling time to relax. Some employees, students, or home mates get so concentrated on their tasks that they forget to take breaks. That may appear ridiculous or too regimented, yet it may be important for your performance and efficiency as it helps to center yourself.


Keeping your calendar organized is vital because it allows you to keep track of activities and chores that you need to accomplish or have completed. An ordered calendar may help you avoid missing responsibilities or engagements, and it can also make it easy to plan new stuff. This will result in you being more organized in things that you need to keep track of and avoiding having important dates all over the place.

What’s in a Calendar? Parts?

The Month

Calendars start with the month and are appropriately written in upper case letters to draw the attention of the viewers right from the first glance. Sometimes June, July, August, September, October, November, and the other months have a different color to set them apart from the rest of the layout.

Day of the Week

While the month of the calendar indicates the specific 12 months, the day of the week respectively labels each section. The 7 days of the week usually start with Sunday and they are often in a different color from the weekdays or Saturdays.

The Dates of the Month

A common layout of the calendar would display all the numbered dates of the month in their designated placement for the day of the week. Oftentimes, the moon phases are also added to tell when the tides are high, especially within your city.

The Year

Since calendars are not the same for all years, stating the specific year is necessary as it also sets the allocated date for the week and month. Whereas the Chinese calendar, they are based on astronomical phenomena.

what’s in a calendar parts 788x

How To Design A Calendar?

1. Choose a Calendar Size
2. Determine the purpose of your calendar
3. Select a Calendar Template
4. Pick out a font and color scheme
5. Adjust the dates accordingly
6. Publish or print your work

You can also refer to the articles below to learn how to make calendars in other file formats:

how to design a calendar 788x

Calendar vs Reminders

A calendar is frequently used for tasks that require to be completed within a certain time frame such as work schedules, attending meetings, submitting deadlines, etc.

Reminders are a list of tasks that people need to complete but have no specific time frame such as picking items for groceries, chores around the house, and other personal matters.

What’s the Difference Between a Calendar, Agenda, and Schedule?

A calendar is a sheet or group of pages that displays the days, weeks, and months of a certain year, often one that is hung on a wall.

Agendas of staff meetings are a list or outline of topics to be discussed or done.

A schedule is a timetable about when things will happen or events will occur.

Calendar Sizes

There are two well-known or common sizes for a calendar, one of which is the standard size of 8.5” by 11” and the other is 5.5” by 8.5 for a more compact and wall calendar. For other options of calendar sizes, you can check out the curated list below.

calendar sizes 788x

Calendar Ideas & Examples

If you need ideas on how to format or layout your calendar, you can check out the provided collection of calendar ideas on this site. You may find inspiration and persuasion to select a design that suits your preference.


How to make a calendar?

Download a blank calendar template, select the calendar size and determine the content, choose the theme that fits your purpose, render the format, and then print copies of it.

What is an Advent calendar?

An Advent calendar, used by a particular community, is a type of calendar that counts down the days before Christmas by revealing a little object or devotional word each day.

How to make a calendar in Excel?

To construct the calendar in Microsoft Excel, open the program, go to the Tools menu, navigate to Macro, then Macros, choose CalendarMaker, and finally run.

What should be included in a company calendar?

Items you should include are downtime which are country or state-mandated holidays, date-specific appointments, time-specific deadlines, and monthly themes.

What is a business calendar?

Business calendars are frequently cloud-based digital calendars that allow you to share automatic notifications, task management, and other features.

How to design a calendar in Word?

Open Microsoft Word and, on the left-hand side, pick the “New” option, then type “Calendar” into the online templates search box.

What is a social media calendar? Why is it important?

Social media calendars serve as a blueprint for what your company intends to distribute and promote across all marketing platforms, it is important users can view them through their iPhone or Android, or even on Mac.

How to build a content calendar?

A content calendar comprises future articles, status updates, planned promotional activities, collaborations, and content updates.

What does a calendar show?

A calendar is a chart or gadget that will show the date and day of the week, as well as the entire year divided into months, weeks, and days which can give you an outlook on upcoming district events.

What does the term calendar year mean?

The calendar year is the time of a year that begins and ends with the dates that are commonly considered as marking the beginning and conclusion of a numerical year.

What is the calendar based on?

The Gregorian calendar is based on a 365-day common year divided into 12 irregularly lengthened months.

What can I customize directly on the calendar page?

You can customize almost any part of the calendar templates offered on this website, feel free to explore your options.

What information can be displayed in the calendar?

Other than the usual parts of the calendar, you can add notes to give details on what will be occurring on the following day so it is contained when you send them on Gmail.

What is the At-A-Glance Calendar?

At-A-Glance calendars with maximum writing area allow you to integrate meetings and business reminders into each day.

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