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What Is a Wedding Planner?

A planner, wedding planner in particular, is a place of records that is useful for someone when it comes to keeping track of wedding duties, wedding schedules, and other important activities that needs to be done. However, in this case, it is used to plan and organize a wedding ceremony.

How to Create an Organized Wedding Planner

wedding planner template

Planning a wedding is a whole new level of assignment that needs presence of mind and strong commitment. It takes a lot of effort to balance all the work that you need to do such as thorough decision-making, beating the deadlines, and a lot more while dealing with your own life too. Take it easy now, because we present you helpful guidelines in creating a detailed wedding plan by crafting a sample planner.

1. Set Some Goals

First and foremost, try to visualize your desired event. Imagine what it looks like, how many people you wish to be there, where and when it will take place and will happen, and more. In that sense, you will have a strong groundwork and a clear starting point. Moreover, start planning the schedules and deadlines with your printable planner in order to achieve your targets.

2. Form a Team

Making an event happen needs a lot of hands and assistance, because it cannot happen if it is just a one-man job. Thus, once you are done visualizing and creating an outline, begin building a team so that the duties will be divided and will be done perfectly. You don't want to mess up your big day, do you? You can be the event director, then you can assign people to be the heads or leader of each groups that are responsible for certain tasks like for the event, venue, and equipment coordination and others. Don't forget to assign someone who will be responsible for the wedding invitations, as well.

3. Start the Budgeting

How will you put up your event if you do not have enough resources to fund it? Nothing, right? Therefore, your event depends—aside from the labor—on your finances. It is one of the essential elements of your program, because without it, there will be no fancy wedding dress and tux, no elegant rings, no mouthwatering food and cake, and basically all the things that are dependent on money. Create a list of the necessary things that are needed with their corresponding prices. In that case, you can estimate how much money you will allocate each component such as the catering, the venue, the decorations, the lights and sounds, the gowns and suits, the flowers, etc.

4. Get the Basics Done

After the money-related matters, get down to the basics. Start making appointments for food tasting, gown (for the bride) and suit (for the groom) fitting, cake picking and tasting, bouquet selection, and more. Also, begin the invitation making, and guest listing. Make sure that the people that you have entrusted the specific tasks are responsible and are doing their duty properly. You may use a wedding checklist to ensure that everything has been accounted for.

5. Make the Announcements

Check your wedding schedule. After ensuring that everything is already planned and sorted out, you can start making the announcements and sending out the invitations. Whether it is through email, text, or other forms of communication, as long as you have made the best plan, it is all good now.

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