How To Make/Create a Postcard in Adobe Photoshop [Templates + Examples] 2023

Postcards are graphic design materials and tools that people and organizations use to deliver messages and ideas, communicating with other individuals through brief and visually appealing ways. Many people use postcards to share their travel experiences through a photograph, without having to write a very long letter to their recipients.

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Build a Postcard Template for Adobe Photoshop – Step-by-Step Instructions

Adobe Photoshop is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite primarily designed for editing photographs and images by enhancing their colors, range, and other elements for a visually impactful experience. It is ideal for editing various advertising materials for brand campaigns, including posters, flyers, and postcards.

  • Step 1: Access Adobe Photoshop

    Begin working on a postcard template on Adobe Photoshop by opening and accessing the application. Look for the Photoshop shortcut icon on the desktop or taskbar.

  • Step 2: Look for a Postcard Template (Option 1)

    Choose a Postcard template for the Adobe Photoshop application, select a design appropriate to the nature and theme the individual wants to reflect, and browse its landing page for examples.

  • Step 3: Use the Search Bar for Postcard Templates (Option 2)

    Instead of directly going to the landing page, users can also opt to use the search bar on the homepage of Search the words postcard templates to look at different categories for postcards to develop postcard ideas.

  • Step 4: Choose a Postcard Template

    Once the individual selects the postcard template, they can access the product page on a pop-up window or a new tab. Clicking the image redirects users to’s editor tool for online access.

  • Step 5: Photoshop File Format

    On the right-hand portion of the product template, users can select the file format they wish to download from the website. Select the Photoshop file and click on the Download button.

  • Step 6: Download the Photoshop File

    After downloading the Photoshop file, open the download folder on the computer or electronic device. Extract the file from the zip folder and open the file on the Photoshop application.

  • Step 7: Add the Company Logo

    Insert the company or agency logo on the postcard to let recipients know which organization produces the postcard and the nature of their business.

  • Step 8: Insert a Postcard Graphic

    One of the principal elements and most recognizable components of a postcard is the graphic illustration or image on the visual document. When developing the postcard graphic, ensure that the image and its elements, like symbols and clipart.

  • Step 9: Additional Message/Information

    Any additional information about the location, product, or services, including descriptions, price lists, and contact details, must be on the back section of the postcard.

  • Step 10: Stamp and Receiver Information

    The stamp section is where a sender needs to put a stamp before sending it through the mail, incorporating space for the address and name of the recipient.

  • Step 11: Finalize and Save

    After editing the contents of the postcard, the user can save the document on their laptops or electronic devices. Organizations and individuals can also send the file through email addresses.

Postcard Templates & Examples in Adobe Photoshop

Construct a postcard template to advertise products, services, and locations from different organizations and areas, making people want to purchase business offerings. Use the postcard as a marketing campaign to attract customers and clients, similar to brochures and pamphlets.

Hanukkah Postcard Template in Adobe Photoshop

hanukkah postcard template in adobe photoshop

Use a Hannukah postcard to celebrate the holiday with friends and family, writing a heart-warming message on the postcard in celebration of Hanukkah.

Simple Postcard Template in Adobe Photoshop

simple postcard template in adobe photoshop

It is much easier to develop the contents of a simple postcard template, utilizing simplistic elements and adding photos and other design elements without taking the essence of a message.

Graduation Postcard Invitation Template in Adobe Photoshop

graduation postcard invitation template in adobe photoshop

Celebrate a milestone by giving a graduation postcard invitation to friends and family and celebrate a student’s hard work and perseverance to finish their studies.

Birthday Postcard Template in Adobe Photoshop

birthday postcard template in adobe photoshop

What better way to greet someone and share a brief yet heartwarming message or quote with a friend or family than by sending a birthday postcard with beautiful graphics?

Thanksgiving Postcard Invitation Template in Adobe Photoshop

thanksgiving postcard invitation template in adobe photoshop

Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by sending a simple and thankful message to people who have helped an individual with their life using a Thanksgiving postcard invitation and sharing a meal with them.


How do I make a postcard in Photoshop?

To make a postcard in Photoshop, select an image you want to use for a promotion, insert a slogan or title, and change the dimensions according to the postcard size.

What is the postcard size for Photoshop?

Set the canvas size of the Photoshop image to 4.25 x 6 inches to accommodate the postcard size.

What is a 4×6 postcard?

The 4×6 postcard is the standard postcard size for many industries and organizations.