Postcards are a classic way of sending meaningful messages to your family and friends. Despite the rise of social media and other modern methods of communication, postcards are still relevant and accepted to this day. postcards1

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Postcard Definition & Meaning

A postcard is a piece of rectangular paper or cardboard with a written message and photos of popular landmarks.

A postcard is a type of card with a photograph and a message intended for mailing without an envelope.

What Is a Postcard?

A postcard is a kind of card typically with a picture or graphic design on one side and a written message for its intended recipient. Although it is commonly used during special occasions, you can still send one casually just to say something meaningful to a loved one. Unlike invitation letters, a postcard is mailed without being encased in an envelope.

10 Types of Postcards

Wedding Postcard

The very basic rule in making wedding postcards is that they should look elegant and romantic. Both the front and back are must-have designs that fit the theme of a particular wedding. You can include prenup photos of you and your partner to make your postcard even more beautiful.


Thank You Postcard

One of the tips in making thank you postcards is that their creative designs can be simple. The most important thing in such postcards is the message of love and gratitude. The thank you message can be short and simple as long as it’s meaningful and well written.


Invitation Postcard

Invitation postcards can have either vintage or modern designs and illustrations depending on the occasion. They should clearly state the date, time, and venue of a certain event to guide the guests or participants. And also, every invitation postcard includes info on how to send an RSVP.


Business Postcard

Printable business postcards can be used for marketing campaigns and business announcements. Most of their designs usually fit the aesthetics of the brands of corporate companies. So if you wish to promote your business, put business postcards into consideration as your marketing material.


Real Estate Postcard

If you’re a realtor, you can advertise your real estate services in real estate postcards. Attach pictures of your real estate products and input important details regarding your offers. You can share your realtor postcards digitally through social media or send them through the mail.


Graduation Postcard

Graduation postcards can function as greeting cards if you want to greet a friend, family member, or relative who recently graduated from being a student. It doesn’t have to be large and extravagant, a simple design would do. The most important part is the message of “Congratulations!”


Save the Date Postcard

If you want to remind people of an event, save the date postcards are what you need. In making one, make sure that the time, date, and address of the venue are clearly stated. Save the date postcards are a lot like invitation postcards.


Restaurant Postcard

Restaurant postcards usually have amazing art elements. They showcase the brand of the restaurants they’re representing and are made to invite people to visit the place. If you’re a restaurant owner, you can use these types of postcards to promote your discounts, specialty menus, and other offers.


Travel Postcard

Travel postcards typically have photographs of a famous local landmark, beach, park, plaza, and other tourist attractions. People mail them to friends and family to share what places they’ve been visiting. So if you constantly travel, you should consider sending postcards to greet your loved ones back home.


Holiday Postcard

Holiday postcards have simple layouts but have festive designs. They’re used by companies to greet happy holidays to their employees and customers and they’re also used by individuals to greet their loved ones. Some examples of holiday postcards are Christmas postcards, Thanksgiving postcards, and Valentine’s Day postcards.


Postcard Uses, Purpose, Importance

It is essential to know the different uses or purposes of postcards and the value that they bring. So, let’s discuss the importance of postcards right here.

For Greetings

You can use postcards to greet someone from another city or country with a happy birthday, a Happy Thanksgiving, or a Merry Christmas. Social media enables you to do that conveniently. However, greetings written on a postcard are made with an effort which makes it more meaningful.

For Marketing/Advertising

Postcards have always been excellent material for marketing and advertising even today. They can help spread brand awareness in the market and draw in a broader audience for a business.

For Long-Distance Communication

People who constantly travel use postcards as a means of communication with their friends and family back home. The content of their postcards typically has a message about how well they’re doing and a picture of a local landmark.

For Invitations

Postcards can function as invitation cards just without envelopes. You can use them to invite people to seminars, business conferences, and other events. They can include info about how to send an RSVP.

For Display

It might be surprising to know that you can use postcards as decorations, but it’s true. Postcards have beautiful designs on the cover panel that are sure to look good on the wall. Alternatively, you can display it as an open postcard to show off the message that the sender wrote for you.

What’s In a Postcard? Parts?

Name of Sender

Like letters, postcards must have the full name of the sender on the backside. The sender could either be an individual or an organization.

Name and Address of Recipient

The name and address of the person for whom the postcard is intended must be present. It must also be situated at the back of the postcard.


The message is the main component of the postcard. It can be a short message of greeting, an invitation, or a simple “Hi, how are you?”. You can write the message using a pen and make use of your handwriting to improve your postcard’s aesthetic.


Every postcard has a stamp. Without it, the post office will not accept and mail it. The stamp must be located on the upper right corner of a postcard’s back side.

Photos and Illustrations

The photographs and illustrations of postcards are typically found on their front sides. They’re the main attraction and they make postcards eye-pleasing for their viewers/readers. You can edit and customize them using Adobe InDesign and PSD.


How to Design a Postcard?

1. Choose a postcard size.

2. Determine the type of postcard you need.

3. Select a free sample postcard template.

4. Write the essential contents of the postcard.

5. Insert a custom photograph/illustration.

6. Finalize and print.


Postcard vs. Invitation Card

A postcard is a type of card that functions like a letter but with photographs and typically no envelope encasing it.

An invitation card is a specific type of card that you give to people to invite them to participate or be a guest in an event.

What’s the Difference Between a Postcard, Card, and Poster?

A postcard is a card that contains a message and includes an illustration or photograph of a place.

A card is a small, rectangular object made of thick, stiff paper material used for writing or printing important information.

A poster is a large picture printed with artistic designs that highlight information or messages that the public wants or needs to know.

Postcard Sizes

If you are wondering how big or small postcards can get, here is a table showing the standard postcard sizes that you need to know:


Postcard Ideas & Examples

If you’re running out of ideas and you don’t know how to begin your postcard’s design, check out these amazing postcard ideas:

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How do you write a postcard?

You write your message on the back of the postcard and keep it simple and short.

What are the rules for creating a postcard?

The main rule of creating a postcard is that your message should just be around 50 words.

Can any card be a postcard?

If a card doesn’t have the required components, it can’t be considered a postcard.

When did postcards begin?

Postcards started making rounds in February 1861 when the United States Congress approved the act that enables people to send printed cards through the mail.

What information needs to be on a postcard?

The information that needs to be on a postcard is the sender’s name, the recipient’s name, the recipient’s address, the stamp, and the message.

What’s the quality of the postcard print?

Printed postcards must have well-crafted designs and should be made with high-quality cardboard material to look good and feel good to hold.

What can I add to my postcards to make them stand out even more?

You can add clipart images, use calligraphy in writing a part of your message, and attach professionally-capture photographs.

What size is a postcard for mailing?

A postcard must be 3.5×5 inches long and 0.007 inches thick to qualify for mailing.

What is the postage for a postcard?

The postage for a postcard in the US Postal Service is $0.40.

How much is the cost of a stamp for a postcard?

A stamp for a postcard costs $0.40 in the US.