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How to Make an Apprenticeship Contract Agreement

There are those people who haven’t exactly met the qualifications of a particular profession they want but would like to learn the skills and knowledge it takes to take on the particular profession in the future. These people are what you would call apprentices and many employers hire them every day. You may also see contract agreement.

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Apprenticeship Agreement Form Example

Student Apprenticeship Agreement Form Sample

Modern Apprenticeship Training  Agreement Form

However, before any kind of apprentice can be taken, there has to be an understanding between both the employer and the apprentice in regards to what he/she is going to learn and the duties and responsibilities that the apprentice will carry out. Which is the reason why there are apprenticeship agreement forms and this article is going to focus on how you are going to create one.

Apprenticeship Application Agreement Form

Training Apprenticeship Agreement Form

How to Make an Apprenticeship Contract Agreement

As mentioned earlier, the point of creating an apprenticeship agreement is so that both the employer and the apprentice completely understand what needs to be done during the duration of the apprenticeship program. This ensures that the employer is able to give the apprentice what he/she needs to learn, and the apprentice complies with what the employer requires from him/her. So if you want to make a sounds apprenticeship agreement, then be sure to follow these steps:

1. Have the Apprentice Place in His/Her Basic Information

This to ensure that the person who will be taking up the apprenticeship is exactly who this person states that he/she is. This is not just for formality purposes, it’s required that they provide the information to ensure the validation that this person was able to complete his/her apprenticeship. So, you’re going to have to make sure that the apprentice places his/her complete name on the document, as well as other basic information such as his/her contact details and more. Be sure that the apprentice checks that there are no errors in this section as even one error on the name might just be enough to nullify the contract. You may also like contract templates.

2. State the Purpose of the Apprenticeship

The purpose of every apprenticeship will depend on the type of profession that the apprentice will be trying to learn about. So let’s say that one person wishes to take an apprenticeship in stock sales. So obviously the purpose of this program is so that the apprentice will be able to learn the basics on how one will go about in selling stocks, as well as being able to meet with other qualifications related to the profession that has been designed by the employer. You may also like sample contract agreements.

3. State the Duration in which the Apprentice will be Employed

This will depend entirely on how long the duration of the apprenticeship program is going to be. Or there are some employers who decide as to how long the apprenticeship is going to take so that the apprentice will be able to develop all of the skills needed to perform the responsibilities and duties of the profession well. You’re going to have to be very specific as to the duration of when the apprentice starts, all the way to the final date. You may also like contract agreement templates.

4. Their Working Conditions

This is where the employer talks about the apprentice’s working condition. Yet again, the conditions of the job will depend on the type of profession the apprentice wishes to pursue. So, this should provide information such as the location as to where the apprenticeship will take place, the facilities that will be used, the different equipment that the employee will have to work with, the different tasks and activities that will take place and much more. You may also see sample agreement templates.

5. The Rules and Regulations these Apprentices should Follow

If there are company policies that ensure that employees know what they should and should not do, then there are also rules that the employers create that their apprentices will have to follow. If you’re going to be creating these rules and regulations, then you need to be as strict as possible when enforcing them as you want your apprentice to learn that following rules are always essential in every profession. So when you’re making your agreement form, here are the rules that you are going to have to place:

  • Point out that you will not tolerate any form of insubordination from the apprentice. The point of the apprentice being there is so that he/she may learn from you in order to develop the skills needed to take on the profession in the future. So, if the apprentice shows any form of disrespect towards you, then you can take the necessary disciplinary action as stated on the agreement form. You may also like contract agreement templates.
  • The apprentice must always come to work on time, as well as participate in the required number of hours that have been designated in the work schedule. In just about every apprenticeship program, an apprentice will be required to work a specific number of hours so that the employer may be able to state and sign that the apprentice has been able to complete the program. Should the apprentice fail to meet the schedule or has incurred too many absences without any viable reason whatsoever, then the employer has every right to remove the apprentice at any given point in time.
  • The apprentice will not conduct any activities or perform any tasks that he/she has not been authorized to do. The reason as to why the apprentice has to be given this particular rule is to prevent him/her from doing anything that could jeopardize the image of the employer or so that the apprentice may not perform any activities that may endanger himself/herself, the employer, or anyone else around them. You may also see sample agreement templates.

6. Accident an Incident Reports

Even if it’s just an apprenticeship program, there’s always the possibility of incidents and accidents occurring that could very well place the lives of the apprentice, employer, or anyone else who may be involved in immediate danger. So it’s important that you point out that the apprentice must do whatever is possible to prevent these accidents or incidents from happening by remembering what was taught during the induction and the training part of the program (hopefully you were able to do this as not doing so will reflect very poorly on your end). You may also see vendor agreement templates.

However, in the event that an incident or accident does take place, the apprentice has the responsibility to create a detailed report in regards to whatever took place. So he/she will need to include the important information such as the date on which the accident/incident took place, the location as to where it took place, the time it took place, the number of people that were involved, the cause of the accident/incident and much more. It should be stated in the agreement that the apprentice must do whatever possible to create an accident or incident report any of these if ever they take place.

7. The Disciplinary Actions that will be Taken

With just like every job, there need to be disciplinary actions that need to be taken if an apprentice continues to fail in meeting the employer’s expectations. So here is a list of the disciplinary actions that the employer may be able to carry out:

  • Verbal warnings. This is the most common type of disciplinary action if ever someone commits minor offenses. So a good example of a minor offense is if the apprentice continues to come to work late. So let’s say that the apprentice comes to work 5-10 minutes late much too often, then it’s not a cause for alarm. However, it will prompt the employer to reprimand the apprentice with a verbal warning.
  • Written warnings. If your apprentice is one that continues to fail with meeting the expectations or has failed to meet with the goals that you have set out for him/her, then you may create a written warning which will tell the apprentice why he/she is receiving it, the problems that he/she is facing, and the remedies that will help fix these problems. This is where apprentices will have to be very careful as this means they’re on the brink of being booted out of the apprenticeship program.
  • Termination. It’s not just employees that can be terminated, apprentices can be as well. So let’s say that the apprentice does anything to jeopardize the image of the employer or conducts activities that could put the company at risk such as sharing confidential information with those who are not affiliated with the company, then the employer has every right to remove the apprentice from the apprenticeship program. You may also see business agreement templates.

It’s always important to come up with an apprenticeship contract agreement if you’re going to have an apprentice under your wings. So, be sure to follow the steps above to help you in creating an effective one.

If you would like to learn more about how to create an agreement contract for an apprentice or anything that’s related to this particular topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that contain the information that you need, and utilize the information that you are able to find to help you out. You may also see business agreement templates.

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