13+ License Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

License Agreement is a legal contract, where the licensor grants the licensee the right to use, produce or sell his intellectual property like trademarks, patents, inventions, copyrights and software.Drafting error free agreements require competence and skill. To free you from hassles and meet your needs, we provide free PDF, Word and Excel versions of our samples. These include representations, warranties, license scope, royalties, indemnification terms, and dispute resolution clauses. You can also visit Payment Agreement Template. Our well devised examples will clarify your rights to intellectual property, prevent misuse and limit owner’s liability in case of errors. Employ these Agreement Templates to avoid a costly legal dispute.

Source Code License Agreement in Google Docs, Pages for Mac

source-code-license-agreement-template Buy Now

Website License Agreement Template

website-license-agreement-template Buy Now

Demonstration Software License Agreement Template

demonstration-software-license-agreement-template Buy Now

Checklist Drafting Merchandising License Agreements in Word, iPages

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Sample Software Licence Agreement Template Free Download

sample software licencec agreement template

nearinc.com | In order to make a legally binding software agreement with customers, this sample template is what you need. It covers the license terms, the cost details and limits to the use of the license.

Free License Agreement Template Download

free license agreement template

tnreginet.net | If you want to license your property for use by another entity, then this example template will be of help. The template is carefully created by experts to give you a legally binding agreement with licensee.

Example License Agreement Template Free Download

example license agreement template

curatescape.org | This agreement to license a software should be made legally sound to protect the owner. We have a well designed sample template to guide you in creating your agreement the way you prefer.

Free Download License Agreement Template

free donwload license agreement template

visualartists.ie | With this license agreement the licensee can reproduce a limited number of the product being licensed. Our expertly designed sample license agreement template can guide you in making this type of agreement.

Sample Patent License Agreement Template Free Download

sample patent license agreement template

gemalto.com | This sample patent license agreement can be used to create the perfect agreement with a licensee. It includes the terms of sale and use of the license, affiliated undertakings and blocking of the patent.

Free Downloadable License Agreement Template

free donwloadable license agreement template

ondrejova.cz | Use this example format agreement to create a unique license agreement. it contains the license agreement parties, the terms of using the license and the general rules of license applications.

Example License Agreement Terms & Conditions Template

license agreement terms conditions template

esri.ca | Anyone can use this sample license agreement to make a legally binding agreement. The document is professionally designed and includes the details of the parties and the general license agreement terms.

Free Software License Agreement Template Download

free softeware license agreement

bt.com | In order to get into an agreement to license a software use this example template is very necessary. It covers all the legal aspects of the contract like license terms and conditions and general license use and restrictions.

Example Mobile End-User License Agreement Template

mobile end user license agreement

imperial.ac.uk | As a mobile app designer, this mobile end-user license agreement sample can make a great agreement contract. It includes the terms and user conditions and general terms of software use.

Free Property Licence Agreement Template Download

property licence agreement

tprmb.ca | In order to prepare a legally binding property license agreement you can use this sample template. It mentions the terms of use and the options available and the redistribution rights.

Sample Exclusive Licence Agreement Template Download

exclusive licence agreement document


Example Trademark Licensing Agreement Template

trademark licensing agreement


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