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Design is an important part of everything we see in this world. From the buildings, to the interiors of our house, to the shirt we wear, and almost everything we use, design is an essential part of everyday living. It gives life to the otherwise blank and boring space. It refreshes our senses and lets us appreciate colors and shapes in their most natural form. You may also see website quotation templates.

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Working in the world of design entails a lot of projects to work on. It needs money for the materials to be purchased and for the project to push forward. To do that, a design quote is needed to fully estimate how much money will be spent in making the whole project. Furthermore, a design quote can help in determining the materials needed, the goals to be achieved, and how it would be done. It is a breakdown of the design project and all the necessary information related to it. A design quote needs research, evidence, and history of previous project ventures. You may also see sample website quotations.

Graphic Design Quote Template

graphic design quote template

How To Make The Design Quote

Making a design quote is a laborious task. You have to think of how the project would be done in the shortest time possible and its execution. The design quote should be fair to both the designer and the client in general. It serves as some sort of a proposal for a project to push through. You may also see design quotation templates.

1. Give a background of the project.

The clients need to understand what your project is about. You need to give them a short background of what the project is like. You have to create a vision of the project in their minds by stating what it is, how it will work out, and how you plan to achieve it. Make it as interesting as possible. Failure in delivering a good background of the project faces the threat of rejection. You may also see sample business quotations.

2. State the requirements of the project.

Of course, the project does not move forward if there are no materials and equipment. You have to think about this part carefully. Think of all the materials that you need for the project that you are envisioning. The next thing you do is research on the prices and some other alternatives if it is not available. If the design project relies heavily on the internet and applications, you only have a few price searching to do. Do a breakdown of the needed equipment. Be honest and clear in stating the prices. Money is not an easy matter to deal with. You may also see price quotation templates.

3. Arrange the hours allotted for design.

Put in the design quote the hours you need for you to complete the whole designing process. Give yourself enough time to make the design. Do not rush. Make good use of the time that you proposed to the client. The hours allotted for the design should be for design only. You may also see how to create an quotation template.

4. Talk about modes of payment.

Talk to your client about how you would like to be paid. Most of the time, it’s in a downpayment basis, where the client pays you partially for the work you do. It should be refundable, so the client can’t bow out of the project easily. Some clients pay you in full after you do your work. Regardless of the mode of payment, you should always do your best. You may also see quotation formats.

5. Write the overall time frame.

State in the design quote the total time you need to work on the whole design. The time that you allot for the designing part is also included. This time frame includes all the preparations, the design process and the post-design matters. Within that time frame, the client expects you to deliver the design in its best quality. You may also see best quotation templates.

6. Leave your contact information.

Of course, if the client wants to ask you more questions and they need to follow you up on the progress of the design, you should leave your contact number. Keeping in touch with them as you do your work adds a little pressure on your part, but it’s an effective push for you to meet the deadline. You may also see quotation template samples.

Request For Design Quotations

request for design quotations

Types of Designers

There are different types of designers, and each has their own job to do and craft to hone. Every kind of design is as tricky as the others. Here are some of the most common types of designers that we know today:

1. Graphic designer

Graphic designers are the people behind the catchy and beautiful arrangements of text and colors in advertisements, magazines, television commercials and digital content. They mix and match colors and text to communicate visually to the audiences. Graphic design also includes illustration, typography and photography. Photos and typography texts are arranged together to create a stunning effect. Graphic design is widely seen in print, digital mediums, film and television content. It has been one of the industries that became lucrative and bankable in the recent years with the rise of digital technology.

2. Fashion designer

Fashion designers are the people behind the designs of the clothes we wear today. They start by drawing their envisioned design in a sketchbook and adding the colors to it. Once the design gets approved after many revisions, they purchase the materials they need and do the sewing themselves. Fashion is one of the things that get people interested and drive them crazy. Some fashion designers have gained a good name in the industry with its cut-throat competition. Some designers also stand out for their unique designs. Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, and Moschino are some of the fashion brands people around the world are familiar with.

3. Industrial designer

Industrial designers are those who design physical products for the purpose of mass production. Some of the most common things industrial designers make are cellular phones, computers, laptops and many more. Industrial design shares a connection between the designer, user, and environment. The design should be user-friendly and helpful to the environment. You may also see company quotation templates.

4. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designer.

User interface (UI) designers are the people who deal with the user interfaces and softwares of mobile phones, laptops, electronic devices and home appliances to make the user’s life efficient and easy as possible. It shares a connection with the user experience (UX) designers. UX design is the process of improving the satisfaction and experience of the user while using the electronic device. Its also addresses the concerns based on the perception of the users. To be a UX designer, you have to have a good understanding of the user’s needs and demands, and a clear idea of the satisfaction they feel with your product.

5. Interior designer.

Need a good mix and match of furniture and colors in your house or in your office? Interior designers are there to save the day. Interior design is both an art and science of improving the interior part of a building and house. They do the designing and arrangement of the furniture and needed amenities of the place to make it more pleasing and aesthetically stunning to the people’s perception. The research for the design inspiration, coordinate with suppliers for the needed materials and furniture and manage the whole project. Interior designers work closely with architects and other people working in the field of construction.

6. Set designer.

In film and television productions, set designers are the people who design the set of a certain scene in a studio and in a certain location. These set designs are more commonly done in films that tackle a certain period of history, or set in a certain decade. For example, a film set in the 1700s would require a set design with the elements and atmosphere of the certain year. From the structure to the costume and props, everything should reflect the feeling of being in a particular time period. If a film is set in the future, the set designers have to imagine and see how the future looks like and how technology takes over humanity. The present era is also a challenge for set designers to come up with the right props and design. Set designers do the research and building of the whole set to get the right feeling and context needed in the film. You may also see word format quotations.

Graphic Design and Creative Services Proposal

graphic design and creative services proposal

The Influence of Different Designs in Our Lives

We may not feel it on a daily basis but at one point, we know we do. The design we see around us have some sort of influence in our lives. It gives us a subtle feeling of pursuing the same path as these people do, and the passion to do better everyday. You may also see price quote templates.

1. Interior design.

We feel better when we come into a beautifully designed house. The colors of the walls, floor, ceiling, and other parts of the interiors make us feel at ease and safe. How the furniture items are arranged to give us some space to move around. Interior designers do so well in this kind of stuff since they think about what the client wants while doing their magic in arranging all the needed furniture inside the place. After all, no one likes to come home to a messy house or work in an unorganized office space.

2. Graphic design.

Graphic design is visual communication. Words, colors, and images are needed to create a stunning image. How these elements are used in coming up with a striking advertisement is an example of passion, wit, and creativity. It can lead to a total success or absolute failure. Some of the best advertisements and memorable digital content are made by graphic designers. It gives us the cue that going into the world of graphic design is fun, although some say it is very exhausting.

3. Fashion design.

Let’s admit it. The way clothes are designed matters in giving people the confidence they need when wearing it. We don’t wear badly designed clothes since it sinks down our confidence. Wearing well-designed or simply minimalist clothes boosts our confidence. Fashion gets us going and shows us how we can pull off the simplest and most elegant of clothes. It speaks so much of our personality and how we carry ourselves in front of people. The way a person dresses up for every occasion matters, as this is one of the first things people see and notice.

4. Set design.

Set designs are creatively done to suit a certain time period. It takes a big load of work to build it up and maintain it for the whole duration of the principal photography. Set designers influence us in coming up with creative sets and make us think that throwing in all the creativity you have is a good thing for film productions. Also, how the set materials are arranged to help us in being more organized and being keen on the details. Set designs are a feast for the eyes, and a symbol of hard work, dedication, and passion. You may also see formal quotation templates.

5. UI and UX.

User interface and user experience are closely tied together. How they work influences us on how we should use our device. Our satisfaction depends on the way the software and applications work to give us the maximum pleasure in using the product. Our perception of a certain electronic device depends on its usability and availability. It should also be desirable and valuable for us to keep using the product in the coming years. You may also see quotations in excel.

Principles of Design

A certain design does not just come out of the blue. It follows some of the basic principles that people tend to overlook and ignore. These basics, when combined together, create a final output that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You may also see catering quotation templates.

1. Balance.

This is the most basic principle of design that all of us should feel and the designers should adhere to. The weight of the elements being placed in the center should have a sense of balance. It provides a clear sense of structure and strong stability to any design. You may also see photography quotation formats.

2. Alignment.

Elements have to be properly aligned to be visually appealing to the eyes. It creates a feeling of strong organization and connection between the elements of the design and the visual appeal it exudes to the people.

3. Space.

Space is a great factor to be taken into consideration in design. The distance and spaces above, below, around and between the objects matter. It gives the design a more organized and structured feel. You may also see electrical quotations.

4. Proximity.

This means how close the objects are placed beside each other. The elements needed in the design should be placed near to each other, or depending on the distance, should be somehow visually connected. Proximity gives the image a focal point for people to look at. You may also see project quotation templates.

5. Contrast.

Light and dark. Bright and shady. Big and small. Tall and short. Contrast is the placement of opposite elements that somehow create a balance when putting together. It enables the designer to highlight the important parts of the design when polar opposites are placed beside each other. You may also see simple quotation templates.

6. Repetition.

Repetition is the key principle in design that gives it a sense of organization and consistency. Seeing repetitive patterns makes us see the clear flow of things and declutters our eyes from seeing the mess, if ever there is any. Repetition makes a rhythm that we can follow through as we look at the design. You may also see sample business quotations.

If this article has been helpful, don’t forget to read up on other materials related to design. It is a craft that needs hard work, dedication, passion, patience and countless cups of coffee. Always enjoy the designing process even if you make countless mistakes along the way. That’s where you get to learn and improve what needs to be improved. You may also see catering quotation templates.

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