How to Create a Quotation Template

The use of quotation in business transactions carry with it the responsibility of securing many quotation forms for potential and existing customers. In this regard, the need for a quotation template, which can be accessed and utilized easily when you open your company’s management software or your Excel spreadsheet program, is due to the existence of certain obligations.

There are different elements to include in a quotation which should be incorporated in the quotation template. On this website, there are various quotation templates and samples you can browse and download for quotation ideas and formats to use in the creation of a quotation.

Making a Simple Quotation Template

There are already a number of existing quotation templates showing various types of quotation format applicable to different business industries. But if your company opts to create your own quotation template, then look into the following procedures in making a simple quotation template:

  • Open a word processing program. There are particular software programs which specifies the format of the quotation template that is saved on the software. Most of these software opt for templates of a quotation format in DOC, which is created by a text editing program.
  • Type in your business information as header. Indicate the name of your business and your current contact details as an identification of the quotation sender which is the seller.
  • Insert date and time below the header. Add the date and the time right after the header with the use of a Word feature which is the Insert Date and Time button.
  • Word the details of the buyer right after. Write the recipient of the quotation which is the buyer and the contact information of the buyer.
  • Make the table for the quotation articles with headings. Insert a table containing the headings such as item code, item description, quantity, and price which will serve as the reference of the issuer with the information needed for the quotation.

Using Existing Quotation Templates

For the business to secure quickly a quotation for a buyer, it is best to make use of the various quotation templates in Excel format downloadable on the Internet. You find the best quotation templates applicable to the business you are in which can be used by following these steps:

  • Download the most suitable quotation template. Select the most appropriate quotation template that shows the quotation outline or format suitable for your business industry. Download the template in an editable and printable format compatible with Word and Excel.
  • Open template using the format type it applies. Once the template is downloaded, run the template on the processing program. You can see that there are spaces provided for custom details.
  • Customize the template to your needs. Input the details as specified on the company standards and policies on what information to include in a quotation. This information may include buyer and seller information, article details, and quotation terms and conditions.

By procuring a quotation, you are initiating a binding agreement with the buyer. In connection with this, a document must be written as evidence of the agreement in the form presented on a quotation template as shown on the examples on this website.

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