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200+ Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

One of the most important aspects of any business is an agreement. That is why many business persons like to have the contract of agreement in writing before they can start an engagement. But perhaps the challenging of getting an agreement document ready is creating the sample file. Nonetheless, you can make your work easier by downloading the best agreement templates designed to make your work easier and to save you a lot of time. Here is a list of the best contract of agreement templates.

27+ FREE AGREEEMENT Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

> Non Disclosure Agreement Templates

There might be certain deals or transactions in a business environment that all the parties don’t want to get disclosed outside for the sake of privacy. For such instances, non disclosure agreement templates can be utilized so that specific set of information cannot be disclosed by the concerned person or party.

A comprehensive non disclosure agreement form helps your organization stay legally secure in cases of any stakeholders possessing critical information. Non disclosure agreement is a legal safeguard for knowledge-based businesses. ( 14+ Non Disclosure Agreement Template )

> Lease Agreement Templates

If you are getting involves in a lease agreement doesn’t matter whether you are a lessee or the owner of the property, you need to frame an ideal and thorough lease agreement to outline the terms of the lease including information about the lease property, lessee name, owner name, monthly/yearly charges, period of lease and all. Lease agreement templates can be utilized to create a perfect lease contract.

A lease contract template helps you design your lease contract, with clear details such as leasing party, tenants, terms of occupation, etc. With lease contract forms in place, both parties can enjoy legal safeguards. ( 10+ Lease Agreement Templates )

> Rental Agreement Template

Various rental agreement templates can be utilized to create a rental contract in case of creating a legal written proof of the rental transaction to be take place between the renter and the owner. Whether you are dealing in rental house, any rental machine, equipment or any other kind of property, this template can help you create an ideal rental agreement. ( 20+ Rental Agreement Template )

> Purchase Agreement Template

Are you going to purchase any property, products or anything from any party, business or individual? You might have to frame a legal purchase agreement in order to have a legal proof of purchase as well as making your transaction legal in the eyes of court of law. You can utilize purchase agreement templates to create a solid purchase agreement. ( 12+ Purchase Agreement Template )

> Loan Agreement Template

Loan agreement templates are ideal solution to create a thorough and detailed loan agreement if you are planning to borrow or give someone money to lend. An ideally created loan agreement template will protect your rights as a lender as well as a borrower. You just need to edit a loan agreement template as per your preferences. ( 11+ Loan Agreement Template )

> Non-Compete Agreement Template

A non-compete agreement template is required to create a perfect non-compete agreement if you are planning to share your unique ideas, opinions and business thoughts with your partners, employees, contractors and more. This agreement will prevent all these persons, parties or individuals from becoming your competitors by utilizing your unique business plans. ( 10+ Simple Non-Compete Agreements )

> Confidentiality Agreement Template

Do you need to share your confidential business or organizational information to your employees or any other person in the organization? Then you probably need to get a confidentiality agreement signed by that person so that he/she cannot utilize your confidential information for creating conspiracies or frauds. You can create a perfect agreement using confidentiality agreement template. ( 15+ Confidentiality Agreement Template )

> Partnership Agreement Template

Are you going to get involves in a partnership deal with any individual, business or organization? Then a partnership agreement template is ideal solution for you to create a solid partnership contract to frame ideal guidelines of the partnership. This template will help you outline all the information in detail. ( 12+ Partnership Agreement Template )

> Sublease Agreement Template

A sublease agreement template can be used by you if you are authorized by the actual owner of the property in written for leasing his/her property further to other tenants. A sublease agreement continues to refer the actual owner as the landlord of the property. A sublease agreement is considered valid only if the main leasing agreement gives the written permission to the tenant to give the property on lease to someone else. ( 10+ Sublease Agreement Templates )

> Service Agreement Template

A service agreement template gives you a simple and easy way to frame a legal valid service agreement for any kind of service that you are offering to someone or having from some provider. Whether you are offering or having a construction service, plumbing service, health services, insurance services or more, a perfect service agreement is required to be framed. ( 10+ Service Agreement Template )

> Employment Agreement Template

If you are planning to hire new employees in the organization and want to clarify the obligations as well as rights of employees and the employer, then an employment agreement gives you the perfect way to do the same. An employee agreement strengthens an employee and employer relationship and makes sure that all the benefits, working conditions, salaries and more are clarified. ( 10+ Employee Agreement Template )

> Operating Agreement Template

Are you planning to start a business, company or LLC? Then you might want to define its working terms and conditions clearly to your partners, employees and more associated parties. Utilize an operating agreement template as it can amazingly help you frame the various business operating terms clearly and precisely. ( 10+ Operating Agreement Template )

> Consulting Agreement Template

Do you want to hire a consult anting company or individual consultant for your business or organization? A consulting agreement template can really help you frame a perfect consulting agreement and frame the terms of how you will be working with your consultants. This agreement will list the complete details of the consulting company along with fees, period of consulting services and more. ( 11+ Free Consultant Agreement Template )

> Roommate Agreement Template

Roommate agreement template helps to create a legally valid roommate agreement with the help of which all the roommates agree to be bound by the various terms of the rental contract. A perfect roommate agreement helps to prevent various conflicts in future and can also act as a legal proof in case of disputes.( 10+ Roommate Agreement Template )

> Service Level Agreement Template

A service level agreement template can be utilized to frame a professional and precise service level agreement to outline the standard of services that will be offered by the contractor to the customer. It also lists about the various kinds of guarantees and promises a service provider offers to the customer. ( 12+ Service Level Agreements )

> Separation Agreement Template

Whether it is a marriage separation, partnership separation, business separation or any kind of relationship separation, a separation agreement is utilized to divide the assets, properties and finances between the separating parties as per the terms recognized by the court of law. These are ideal to be used if the partners separate legally and agree on the way of diving the properties. ( 10+Separation Agreement Template )

> Sales Agreement Template

Whether you are a business or any individual, if you are going to get involved in a selling and purchasing deal, you are required to create and sign a sales agreement template so that the sales transaction can be identified legal in the court of law. Sales agreement templates let you create a perfectly valid and legal agreement quite easily. ( 10+ Sales Agreement Template )

> Contractor Agreement Template

A contractor agreement template is required to frame a legally recognized contractor agreement whenever any business or individual hires a contractor to getting a particular service delivered. This agreement help to protect the rights of both the parties by outlining the terms of the contract that has been taken place between service provider and the customer. ( 10+ Contractor Agreement Template )

> Hold Harmless Agreement Template

Do you want to allow someone to use your facility or property for one’s personal interest? Then you definitely want to protect your property from the liabilities and damages that might be caused by the other party. In order to protect your property from such damages you need to create a perfect hold harmless agreement and get it signed by the party to whom you are planning to handover your property. ( 13+ Hold Harmless Agreement Template )

> Payment Agreement Template

Payment agreement templates help you frame a legally valid payment agreement that you might want to get signed from the person or party which you need to get payment from. This agreement specifies the terms of payment between the two parties and thus makes sure that rights of all are protected. It is a legally recognized proof. ( 10+ Payment Agreement Template )

How to Create an Agreement

An agreement is a written legal binding between two parties that outlines the responsibilities as well as rights of both the parties along with terms of payment for exchange of services or listed obligations. An agreement is crucial to be created, signed and maintained by both the parties to let their business relation be legal in the eyes of court. Moreover this letter also serves greatly in case of any disputes. IF you are looking for ideas to create a business agreement between two parties then below are useful guidelines on the sections that need to be included.

  • Introduction of Both the Parties The first section to be included is the name of both the parties along with their addresses. In addition to name and address contact details like phone, fax, office telephone etc. also need to be included. If any of those parties is a business then state of incorporation need to be listed.
  • Describe the Services/Obligations In this section the services or obligations need to be included for which this agreement is being created. In this section responsiveness of each party need to be described thoroughly. The product services and their delivery dates need to be listed clearly. A simple language that can let everyone understand what about their duties need to be used. Make use of bullet points for listing responsibilities of parties clearly.
  • Include the Feel/Payment Terms Now this section need to include all the information related to payment that is to be exchanged for the set of products or services. Also make sure to list whether this payment will be a onetime fee or a kind of installment or recurring price. List the amount to be paid.
  • Address the Period of Contract The period of contract is another section that need to be included in a business agreement between two parties.
  • List the Consequences It is also important to include the consequences of the agreement if any of the two parties does not perform its obligations appropriately. In this section you also need to list all those instances that may lead to discontinuation of the contract between the two parties. In the end you need to create a line in which the name of the signing parties will be printed. Also make sure that the persons signing the agreement have the authority to do so. By following above listed easy steps you can create a perfect agreement yourself. However for enhanced convenience you can make use of appropriate agreement sample between two parties as this can help you save your time that you otherwise need to frame the complete document.

By reading about all the above listed agreement templates, you will surely realize that you can have all types of template for any type of your agreement creation needs. These templates save a huge amount of your time and thus make sure that you get a legally valid and secure agreement crested effortlessly.

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