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7+ Morning Routine Planner Templates – PDF

One of the most relaxing time of the day is night time. Why do you ask? It is for the reason that we can do one of the things we crave for after doing an exhausting activity within the day: sleep. Sleeping has become essential to human growth and survival. You may also see free morning routine planner template.

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It gives us the energy for the next day and gives us the opportunity to dream for 8 hours in our heads. But what comes after sleep? Simple, waking up time. But have you ever thought that you can continue the healthy routine from what you get from sleep by doing some activities after you wake up? The activities you do in the morning after you wake up are usually exercises that can benefit your body and mind. Doing it every day has another kind of term, and that is a morning routine. You may also see daily planner templates.

For one to keep track of his or her morning routine, people often use a planner. In this article, we will be tackling about what a planner is and the morning routine planner. Along with the templates that we will be provided to give you a better guide on what it would look like, we will also be providing you the parts of this kind of planner with their corresponding definitions. You may also see student study planner.

Free Morning Routine Planner Template

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Morning Routine Planner Sample

Morning Planner Template

Morning Routine Planner Template

Parts of a Morning Routine Planner

Before we enumerate the parts of this simple planner, let us first define what a planner is. A planner is described as a notebook or sheet in which you would place the activities you will do on a specific date in a specific time. This plotting of schedules can range from a day, a week, a month or even a year which requires more sheets and extra pages for the planner. There are also different kinds of planners that people often used to make a balance of their life. You may also see a weekly planner templates.

The different kinds are of the following: family planner, financial planner, business planner, study planner, goal planner, monthly planner, yearly planner, and the list goes on. A planner is something personal and with that said, you can actually make your own kind of planner. In this article, however, we will be talking about the parts of one of the simplest kind of planner, the morning routine planner. You may also see sample daily organizer planner templates.

Right now, we will be showing and explaining to you the possible things that can be found and put in a morning routine planner. You do not have to worry about the parts because they are relatively easy to understand and to get by. Basically, the parts of the planner are just pure common sense, so it would be just a piece of cake for you to get it right away. Here are the parts of the morning routine planner You may also see free keyword planner templates.

1. Date

The date is present in all kinds of planners because it is where you schedule your particular activity and in this case, what days are you going to do your morning routine. You may also see free marketing planner template.

2. The number of minutes or hours you would do your activities within that morning.

Since this planner is for the purpose of a morning routine, the activities you would do would not range from an hour or two but that does not mean you can not go for that type of routine. Some wake up so early just to do a one hour jog rather than a 30 minute one. You have to plot carefully the number of minutes you are willing to put effort on and ask yourself why does it have to be this particular time I should do this kind of thing. You may also see business health planner.

The next thing you should take into consideration is if you are willing to add another activity after the first one and so on and so forth. Decide how minutes or hours you will do your whole routine as this will be the same routine (if you choose to) the following days ahead. You may also see free event planner template.

3. Break time

This is optional depending on the number of hours or minutes you are going to spend doing your morning routine. Occasionally, it is good to take a breather. A good 5 to 10-minute break would suffice and give you a little bit energy to continue the next thing to do to complete your routine. One has to remember that if he or she is taking a break, let be purely taking a break. You may also see hourly planner templates.

What we mean by this is that sometimes people take advantage of their breaks and often overextending it resulting in him or her not to continue with the routine anymore. This is understandable if one is in a hurry, but as much as possible, follow and finish your routine and remember the reason why doing the routine is important in your life. You may also see daily planner samples.

4. Activities to do.

This is where you place what kind of activities you would do for a specific time and how many minutes would you do it and how many repetitions. It is important you choose activities that make you comfortable and at the same time, activities that push you to the limit. Treat it like a workout where you want your body to push your body from time to time to improve sets of skills. You have the choice to repeat this activity in the next day or have another set of activities. You may also see printable daily planner templates.

Make sure that the activities have one common goal. For routines, you can search on the internet or to make it more personal, make it your own but always keep in mind that you have to do things that are aligned to your goals or the purpose why you have a morning routine. Decide also if the activities can be done in your bedroom or outside of your house. Make sure you plot and arrange it carefully to avoid confusion when you start in the next day your morning routine. You may also see daily route planner samples.

5. What time to do your morning routine.

Choose a specific time you will wake up and do your morning routine. Make sure you choose a time in which you would not still feel sleepy and do not wake up too early. The plot also a backup plan if there are nights you sleep late but have to get up really early just to do your morning routine. Decide also what time to end your routine by looking at the range of heaviness each activity you have selected to be part of your morning routine. You may also see agenda planner templates.

Remember, pick a time that is convenient and a time where it would not affect your energy throughout the day. This entails for one to get a good sleep the night before so that the body would adapt to the sleeping habit of the person. When this adapt becomes the second nature already, you will be able to do your morning routine with ease and not having the temptation to sleep back again. Discipline here is the key everyone. You may also see printable weekly planner templates.

Sample Morning Routine

Morning Routine Plan Sheet

Simple Morning Routine Template

Daily Hourly Schedule for the Morning


These parts are basically what makes up a morning routine planner. The parts here are also present in a general planner but the contents that make up other planners are different. If you want to make this morning routine planner an effective one, then you have to make the extra effort. The planner is only a reminder, but we have the choice to do them or not. If we don’t, what is the point of having the routine planner anyways? If you do not have the plane to change your life no matter how small or big it is, you will never grow. You may also see a cute daily planner samples.

Having a planner can easily help you grow little by little. Again, having a planner and being consistent with these activities lets discipline grow within the person and thus helping him in his other aspects of life that might need discipline. If you feel tired and want to give up your morning routine because it affects your day, try to change the activity. Do your growth at a steady pace because eventually, you will get a hang of it if you believe that you can. It may not be fast but at least your still growing in your own way. You may also see homeschool daily planner templates.

The determination also plays a big role in achieving the goal for your daily morning routines. A determination is like your engine in which pushes you to do a certain activity to reach a certain goal. Use determination not only in your morning routines but also in the other parts of your life and the things you wished you could have had achieved. Determination has brought one of the most successful people in the world to succeed and you can be that too if you have the will and commitment to do one activity at a time to reach success. Starting off with your morning planner is a good small start. You may also see free budget planner samples.

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