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6+ Re-hire Policy Templates – PDF, Word

Getting fired or resigning from a job happens practically every day around the world. One would find a new job and start a new life hoping he could grow in that field. But sadly, that does not apply to everyone. If you’re reading this right now, you must be wondering if ever it is possible to go back to the company which you had fun in, learned the most from, and was one of the rarest places you can also call “home”. The answer to that question depends on the standards of the rehire policy of the company.

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The rehire policy is basically the policy in which it states the eligibility and ineligibility of one former employee to apply again to the company. With that fact, it also has its pros and cons, which would be discussed later if one would decide to hire the same person again. In the proceeding paragraphs, we will inform you on what it takes someone to be eligible and ineligible for hire. We will also include policy templates if one wishes to make a rehire policy. You may also see hr policy templates.

Rehire Policy Template

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College Rehire Policy


Reemployment of Faculty and Staff Policy


Institute Rehire Policy


Constructing the Policy

Crafting this policy is like crafting any other policy. It will comprise of the work statement and set the definition and standards if one is eligible for rehire. To be followed is the general procedure one will comply to if he is rehired. But what makes a person eligible or not for rehire? Let’s find out.


After you finish reading and understand this paragraph, you would finally know if you can actually apply again in the company you can call your second home. Here are a couple of descriptions for an employee who is eligible for rehiring:

  • If one left and resigned the company in good standing. This means a former employee is eligible to apply if he had excellent work performance and evaluations when he worked for the company before. Complete attendance is also a plus.
  • Retirement. Sometimes one forgets and realizes later on that he still has the passion to work.
  • No drugs. If one is still labeled drug-free in his drug test and is healthy, he can come back and reapply.

You passed those descriptions? Good for you! You can now reapply at your former company and hope for the best. However, you have to take note that even if you’re hired again, you will still receive the same benefits and be treated equally with new employees in terms of company orientation and the like.

HR Rehire Policy Template


Not Eligible

This part of the article summary, whether you’re already eligible or not, comprises of the descriptions where one is no longer to be accepted in the company in any circumstance. These are the following factors:

  • If one was terminated because of progressive bad behavior. This applies to people who have received a lot of warning letter, suspensions, or termination letter after violating so many office rules and regulations.
  • If one failed to meet the job performance expectation. This is where the kind of work is way out of the league of the former employer and is out of his control.
  • If one quit without informing the manager or his supervisor. Regardless of what happened, one should always inform if he does not feel like working for the company anymore.
  • If one had conducted felony in the company.
  • If one possessed firearms and brought it to the office.

If an individual had committed any of these things, it is best to advise him to move on and accept what he did and that there are still other opportunities out there and advise him to change his bad behavior. You may also see HR Policy Templates.

Staff Rehire-Reapplication Policy


The Pros and Cons of Rehiring a Former Employee

No matter how good it might feel to be hired again, the rehired, the project management, and the employees will be dealing the pros and cons of the situation.

The Pros

1. With experience comes knowledge.

Rehiring a former employee means that he left the company in good standing and had acceptable or great work performance. This could lead way for that rehired employee to lead his team and guide them throughout their career timeline. He could serve as the adviser for others for the reason that he has experienced the company before.

2. Better skills.

Since the employee resigned and had other opportunities to try, it can be understood that he was trying to grow in other fields. When he comes back, he can bring new skills and ideas that may make the company grow and be better.

3. Worth going back to.

If someone goes back to their former company, it could send a message to the new and old employees that this company is worth it and leaving it might cause them to regret in the end.

The Cons

1. Past issues.

If the HR of the company does not do a thorough background check of the former employee and would not ask him why he left before, this is a big concern. Depending on the situation, there is a possibility he might have had left because he had a hot head for the management or some other employee in the workforce. So if you’re the HR, check it and don’t be ignorant.

2. The mask.

While bringing back an old face might seem perfect because it adds another person that other employees can ask advice for, some would not take it lightly. We know for a fact that we are all different. So it is not a surprise that even if some approve of a former employee leading them, others would find it annoying and make assumptions that could bring tension not only to the leader but also to the team. One of the best ways to solve these kinds of things is through a team-building. You may also Business Policy Template.

Company Rehire Policy


Making a rehire policy is probably one of the simplest policy to make because one company can choose to have that or simply just stick to no-rehire policy. The important thing is to determine what the points are that make one eligible for rehiring or not. The management together with the HR department should agree on the things to consider when rehiring a former employee and properly orient new employees about it. As for you, I hope this article helped you with not only its templates but also find out if you’re still fit to go back to your old company or not.

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