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As an HR manager it is your responsibility to ensure that office decorum is maintained and code of conduct is upheld always. In case a disparity in the same arises, and an employee is at fault, the HR must issue a warning letter. A warning letter is an elaborative document containing text about the breach of HR policy, details of misconduct, and consequences. The letter template is available in different formats. We have listed out some examples which you can download, customize and use. You can also see HR Strategy.

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Employee Warning Letter Template in Google Docs


Job Performance Warning Letter Template in Word


Disciplinary Decision Letter of Demotion Word Document for Free

hr.unc.edu | As disciplinary action, some employers prefer to demote their employee instead of terminating them. The employee has to be informed about this with the help of a disciplinary letter. For that, you can take the help of this template.

Disciplinary Letter Meeting for an Employee Download

acas.org.uk | If you have comes across an employee who has been disrespectful towards the code of discipline, then you need to issue a warning letter and summon him for a meeting. In order to write this warning letter, you can take the help of this compact sample employee warning letter.

Free Warning Letter for Poor Attendance Word Doc Download

citehr.com | In the corporate sector, regularity and punctuality of employees is meticulously monitored. If an employee’s attendance is found to be lackluster or poor, the HR manager or supervisor is supposed to reprimand the employee. While the message is often conveyed verbally at first, however if there is no noticeable change, a warning letter gets issued. In this article, we have attached a slew of warning letter templates which you could customize and use for your employees.

Letter of Employee Disciplinary Action Meeting Template Editable

acas.org.uk | Warning an employee about his wrongful deeds is your duty, and you can do so by issuing a verbal or written warning letter.  If you believe that speaking to the person directly, then you can follow this verbal warning letter sample.

Disciplinary Warning Letter Template Free Word Doc Download

southafrica.smetoolkit.org | This employment warning letter template has been kept simple and to the point. It is a "cause and effect" kind of letter, with the reason for warning stated and the action to be taken. If you're issuing a warning letter, you must take a look at this one.

Disciplinary Letter of Counseling Memo Sample Download

hr.unc.edu | If you have been a warning letter, you need to send a response to the warning as soon as possible. But it might be confusing as to how exactly you can proceed with such a letter. You can just take the help of this well written response to warning letter sample.

Letter of First and Second Warning Template Free Download

fairwork.gov.au | It is ethical and logical to issue a second warning letter if you see that the person in question has not made an effort to mend his ways. In order to issue a first written warning letter, you can take the help of this template, which has been kept exact and precise.

Sample Letter Written Warning Template Free Download

ncat.edu | Evicting a tenant is a drastic step, and you must issue a warning letter before you proceed with this. That gives your tenant time to look for a new place which is fair. But if you are writing an eviction earnings letter, you cannot afford to miss out on this template.

Sample Warning Letter for Poor Work Performance in the Company

personnel.wv.gov | An employee is supposed to put his best foot forward at all times. He is supposed to be on his best behaviour, and perform according to the expectations of his superiors. Otherwise, the HR department of a company is supposed to issue a warning letter. To find out about the hr letter format, you can use this template.

Attendance Warning Letter Template

An employee cannot get away with poor attendance at his place of work. As an employer, it is your duty to keep track of the attendance of all your employees. If you notice a discrepancy in any, or poor attendance, you must issue an attendance letter of warning to the employee.

Disciplinary Warning Letter Template

The best part about this template is that the format has already been prepared for you. It states exactly what you're supposed to write in your disciplinary action letter; all you have to do is download and edit. The letter has been written in a firm yet formal manner.

Employment Warning Letter Template

An employee may be terminated for a number of reasons, and disregard for discipline is one of them. The first time this happens, you can issue a termination warning letter, urging him to right his wrongs. You can take the help of this template, where it's mentioned specifically that further disregard could lead to termination.

Sample Warning Letter Template

Every landlord has a set of rules for his tenants. If you have evidence that your tenant has been breaking them, or you have to evict them for some reason, you must issue a tenant warning letter. You cannot evict a tenant without sufficient warning if you want to avoid all kinds of legal issues.

Warning Letter Example Template

Warning Letter Format Template

Warning Letter Template

Final Written Warning Letter Template

First Warning Letter Template

Sample Letter of Warning Template

Appeal Meeting Warning Letter Template

Warning Letter Templates To Your Rescue While Writing A Formal Warning Notice

A warning letter, as the name suggests, is issued as a formal notice to a person. A word of warning can be issued for a number of reasons. For example, an employer can issue a warning notice to an employee for disciplinary reasons. Similarly, a warning letter may be issued by a landlord to his tenant notifying him of his eviction. Such a letter, despite its grave nature, must have a formal tone.

Why Do You Need A Warning Letter?

A warning letter is an important piece of document; if you were to fire an employee without giving him a warning letter, that would be a violation of his contract and could give rise to legal issues. Similarly, if you evict a tenant without a warning, that could lead to a pandemonium. You want to avoid that, don’t you? That is precisely why you need to get your hands on a warning letter if you’re planning any of the above. Take for example, an employee warning letter; it can be used for a number of reasons, if he has been tricking his employers, or has not been performing up to the market cetera. In that case, a warning letter is issued. You may also see Hr Application Forms

Types of Warning Letters

Typically the formats and patterns of all HR warning letters are nearly the same. The content however may differ, depending on the cause for issuance of warning. It could be due to poor attendance of employee, involvement in a tiff which may have disrupted the office code of conduct, breaking of rules etc. Warning letters are not just meted out in corporate offices, they are a handed out in schools, colleges, universities and other organizations too!

The Purpose of A Warning Letter

The whole purpose of a warning letter is to inform a particular person about where he is going wrong, and if there is room for improvement. If you’re merciful, you might issue more than one warning letter to the person in question. However, if the person continues to disrespect or disregard your authority, you can take action against him. If a warning letter isn’t issued, the person might claim that he wasn’t warned and that puts you in the wrong. To avoid confusion or questions later on, a warning letter must be issued. You can even look up samples of written warning letter online for help! You may also see HR Strategy Template.

Warning letters have to be sent properly and worded smartly to have any real effect and for this a variety of templates are available for download as per HR rules depending upon the type of work, the related organizations, the severity of the warnings and the relevant information attachment for each.

Tips While Writing A Warning Letter

Writing a warning letter can be tough, especially if this is your first time. But don’t worry, following these simple tips can help you out- You may also see HR Letter Templates

  • Be cautious in your use of language. While you might be extremely displeased with someone, you cannot express that in the letter. Under no circumstance can you come off as hostile.
  • Be exact and precise while writing. Begin by stating the purpose of the warning letter in the beginning. Then you owe it to the person to provide a brief explanation. You must state why you think he or she is breaking the rule or where they’re going wrong.
  • Include a conclusion in your warning letter. This will make it compact and more meaningful. Also, be stern while writing the conclusion. Chances are, the recipient will pay more attention to the conclusion than the body.
  • You can take the help of templates available online if you’re wondering about the format of a warning letter. These have the pattern already mentioned in the template, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Make your letter compact and precise
  • Keep in mind the reason
  • Keep it simple and short


  • Do not use ambiguous phrases
  • Do not forget to be polite and stern at the same time

We Are Here to Help!

Writing a warning letter can be challenging, and not to mention, daunting. That is why we, at template.net, have come up with a wide range of templates that you can use. Browse through our endless collection of templates, and choose the one that suits your needs.

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