20 Policy Templates in Word and PDF

Business owners have to make sure that their employees and managers follow the rules and regulations that were set to ensure both stability and order. So it’s important that these employees and managers are given information regarding policies and procedures from the very moment they start working for the company.

Eventually, there will be moments when these policies and procedures might need to undergo certain changes. There might even be times where new ones need to be added and implemented. So to help with this, business owners can make use of policy template formats to ensure that they’re able to make the company policies that they need to run a successful business.

Corporate Travel Policy Template

Corporate Travel Policy Template jrcdms.org

Travel and Expense Policy

Travel and Expense Policy sqa.org.uk

Employee Travel Policy Template

Employee Travel Policy Template wlv.ac.uk

Travel Accommodation Policy Template

Travel Accommodation Policy Template careers.adhb.govt.nz

Travel Allowance Policy Template

Travel Allowance Policy Template modimolle.gov.za

Agency Social Media Policy Template


Corporate Social Media Policy Template


Employee Social Media Policy Template


What is a training policy?

A training policy serves as the foundation for a company’s training activities. What this does is provide the rules and regulations on how the training department of a company is to train the new recruits in their new positions, or those existing employees who are required to develop their performance and abilities in order to meet company standards. An efficient training policy should be able to do the following:

A company’s training policy can also be used as one of the tools that can evaluate the success of the company’s efforts. Basically, it should answer the question regarding whether or not your policy is helping your company meet the smart goals it needs to fulfill in order to become successful.

What to include in your training policy

The things that you should consider placing in your training policy are policy items that should relate the company’s goals, how these items should be consistent, and then these policies must be clearly written and widely communicated. To help make sure that all of the company’s training bases are covered, it’s best that you conduct a meeting with your training department. You can even go as far as to create a policy checklist that includes all of the items that you and your training department came up with during the meeting. The following are some items that you might just want to try placing on your training policy’s  checklist:

What is a social media policy?

A social media policy is what outlines the rules and regulations regarding how employees should behave when it comes to handling anything on social media that’s related to the company. With a good social media policy, business owners can ensure that their brand is protected online by having their employees know of the potential threats, how to avoid them, and how to act in the event of an attack.

So whether it’s a business that’s just starting out in creating an online presence or a business that has already established its online presence, every organization will need a social media policy to ensure that their online reputation isn’t damaged.

Benefits of a social media policy

Here a few ways that your company can benefit from having a well-made social media policy:

The groundwork for your social media policy

Privacy Policy Template


Business Management Policy Template

Business Management Policy Template wates.co.uk

Business Attendance Policy Template

Business Attendance Policy Template smcmba.com

General Environmental Policy


Company Vehicle Policy Template


What is a return policy?

With a proper return policy, you’ll be able to reduce the time and money it takes to process returns made by customers. It can also minimize the number of returns your company receives as well as ensure that your customers keep coming back to do business with you. Having this policy will definitely inspire confidence in buyers so that they won’t be hesitant when it comes to purchasing products from your business. Even if the customer isn’t fully satisfied with the return, being able to handle the return professionally can ensure that these customers will come back to do business with your company.

Tips for creating a return policy

Enterprise Business Policy Template

Enterprise Business Policy Template vero.com.au

Business Travel Policy Template

Business Travel Policy Template tallysolutions.com

Company Travel Policy Template

Company Travel Policy Template greatwest.com

Company Credit Policy Template

Company Credit Policy Template pmsilicone.com

Simple Company Policy Template

Simple Company Policy Template helvetia.com

Company Payroll Policy Template

Company Payroll Policy Template nrc.co.za

Company Leave Policy Template

Company Leave Policy Template hrpulse.co.za

How to write the policies and procedures for your business

Your company’s policies and procedures will depend entirely on the kind of goals that your company is setting out to achieve. So here are the steps that can help you write policies and procedures that are in line with the goals of your business:

For outlining the goals of your business

Writing the Policies of Your Business

For Writing the Procedures

Every employer and employee knows that with good policies and procedures, a company is able to run in a way that will ensure both stability and order. So it’s important that business owners or managers know how to create these policies and procedures. So in the event that you would like to learn more about how to write company policies and procedures, as well as find the templates that can help you write these policies, then all you have to do is go through any of our available articles.