9+ Career Timeline Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

You need a career timeline template if you have the plan of switching between careers after a given period. Most people who are in their jobs today have actually been through job transitions, and it is highly unlikely that they will stick there forever.  With the free sample career timeline template, you can keep records of how many jobs you would like to do and for whom you would like to work and for how long.

Sample Microsoft PPT Career Timeline Template Download

sample microsoft ppt career timeline template download

This Microsoft PPT career timeline template will allow you to demonstrate your entire span of career from start till the present day. The timeline bar is in the middle and the events are placed above & below it.

Sample Cristiano Ronaldo Career Timeline Template

sample cristiano ronaldo career timeline template

This timeline template comes with a mention of his different achievements over the years since the start of his career and has got stellar pictures of Ronaldo in action in between.

Career Timeline Template Free PSD

career timeline template free psd

This career timeline would be great for you if you have worked in a wide number of companies and designations over the years. It starts from the bottom right of the page and concludes with your present professional status on top left.

American Professional Career Timeline Template Example

american professional career timeline template example

This timeline template page here would be great if you have just embarked on your career. It comes with inspirational words for your motivation and also states the different tips to be followed throughout your career.

Professional Career Timeline Template Printable PDF Format

professional career timeline template printable pdf format

aiaa.org | This is an interesting professional career timeline template where you have pictures to do the talking. Rather than textual information you add expressive images here that will state the different turns throughout your career.

Guard Timeline Template Exercise Download

guard timeline template exercise download

This guard timeline template starts with various career opportunities waiting for you as National Guard. The varied career options are presented in the form of graphical icons for a clearer understanding.

Sample Career Timeline Example Activity

sample career timeline example activity

Sample Company Career Timeline Template Free

sample company career timeline template free

Create Your Career Life Timeline Template Free

create your career life timeline template free

Example of the best timeline template format download to use is Word or Excel. Other formats like PDF and PowerPoint files are also good, although word and excel tend to be the most popular ones.

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