How to Write an Operations Report [5+ Templates to Download]


Those who are running a business will expect updates regarding matters concerning performance. Should you be required to provide that information, then you’ll want to be able to come up with an operations report document. This article will teach you all that you need to know in order to properly make one.

7 Steps for Creating an Operations Report

Step 1: Understand the Goal of the Report

There is a reason as to why the report needs to be done and it helps to know exactly what this. Knowing the purpose of the report will give you an idea as to what it is that you need to gather information on and the sources that you will use to obtain what you need.

Step 2: Know the Time Period You Need to Cover

It is possible that you may have to do a report which covers a specific duration of time. What this means is that you could be tasked with coming up with daily reports, or it might be in weekly or even monthly intervals. Make sure that you know the exact time period that you need to cover so that you can prepare everything you need.

Step 3: Look for the Information You Need

The type of information that you would need to put into this kind of report will depend entirely on the type of business. Take note that an operations report typically reflects the current levels of activity within a business as well as any significant impact it may have had during recent events.

Step 4: Categorize What You Have Managed to Gather

It is important that you categorize every piece of data that you have gathered to make it easier for those who have to go through the report. For example, the report may contain data in categories such as employee attendance rates, the number of sales made, customer complaints that have been filed and more.

Step 5: Report on Successes

Since there are many different operations that can take place within the business, there may have been some that have been done exceptionally well. You will want to point those out as that will inform the higherups regarding what the business’s strengths and it can help figure out ways on how to maintain the success.

Step 6: Specify Failures and Problems

If there are positives, then there are also negatives. It is possible that some operations did not meet expectations and that there were issues which could have lead to that. It is in your best interest to do a risk analysis so that you can point out these issues. Make sure to clearly share the shortcomings of the business.

Step 7: Make Your Conclusion

After you’re done specifying the ups and downs of the report, then the next thing to do is to make your conclusion and suggestions. Based on all of the data that you have managed to gather, draw a conclusion which shows the current state of the business and come up with suggestions that think can benefit the business

5+ Operations Report Template

1. Weekly Operations Report Template

weekly operations report Download

It is possible that certain positions within a company may be required to provide reports on the business’s weekly performance. If you are required to provide such a report, then use this template to help you come up with one where you can easily cover everything that there is to know about the entire work week.

2. Operational Plan for Project Report

free operational plan for project report template 440x570 11 Download

Conducting a project means that everything has to go well to ensure that it is properly completed. So if you need to make a document which points out whether things in the project are going smoothly or not, then it is best that you use this operations plan for project report template.

3. Monthly Operations Report Template

free monthly operations report template 440x570 1 Download

It is possible that stakeholders will want to know how a business performs at the end of every month. If you need to provide them with a document which shows them exactly what they need to know, then it is best that you use this template. With it, you’ll be able to show everything from the level of performance being delivered to the successes or failures of the business.

4. Service Delivery and Operations Report

service delivery and operations report 01 Download

Those who are in charge of businesses that specialize in deliveries will want to be updated on their performance. With this template, you can make a document which shows whether deliveries were made on time, if employees arrive at work when they need to, the number of satisfied customers and so on.

5. Weekly Operations Report Sample

weekly operations report1 Download

If you need to provide information on a business’s weekly performance, then it is in your best interest to download and use this template. Once you have it, you can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages or other programs which will allow you to open and customize it.

6. Annual Operations Report

614 Download

There are some stakeholders and business owners who may want to learn about the performance of their business within a year’s time. Should you be required to make a report which spans throughout the entire business year, then you’ll find that this template is exactly what you need.

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