How to Write a Daily Report to Your Boss – 8 Templates

If you are working in an office, then there is a chance that you are the person in charge of submitting reports to your boss about the day-to-day activities that are taking place within the workplace. It does not have to be daily, either. It can even be monthly or a yearly report.

In any case, you need to know what it is you have to report so that your boss will know how everything is going in the company. So, this article will teach you how you can create such a sample report.

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Free Daily Report Template


How to write a daily report to the boss

If you are going to create a daily report for your boss, then you have to follow these steps:

How to write a daily report to the boss

1. Make sure to add a header

This should be placed in the top right corner of the document and it should also contain the date when the report was made. Think of it is a business form in which you have to follow the proper procedures for its creation. You should also place your complete name and the department that you are stationed in so that the boss will know exactly where the report sample came from.

Make sure to add a header

2. Start with a brief outline of the accomplishments made during the day

Outline every single one of them as your boss is going to want to know all of the details. Plus, employees are going to question why they were never rewarded should you miss pointing out important goals that were met during that day in your report. So, you should start this section off with a header that says “Completed Tasks” or anything that is similar to it. If there are any major achievements for that day, then you should list all of them in bullet points and make use of active verbs to start each line.

Start with a brief outline of the accomplishments

3. The next section must be about planned tasks

Since you have already put down what has been achieved within the day, you also have to put in what needs to be achieved the next day, or the week or even month after that. A small business has to plan out all of the activities that need to be done in order to progress, so you have to include the next steps in the report. List all of the projects, tasks, and work that will be done between the submission date of the current report and the next report. Lay out all of the possible problems that could delay the completion of the course of the task or project. Write it clearly so that your boss will be able to understand if you or the other employees will not be able to submit the work that they are required to do on time.

The next section must be about planned tasks

4. The final section should contain issues and comments about these issues

In every company, there will always be employee complaints regarding certain procedures and there will always be problems that arise that could potentially have a huge impact on an employee’s performance. So, you have to be able to point out all of the problems that happened within the day in your report. Also, it is best if you provide comments on what you think should be done in order to improve the state of the office. This can be anything from software upgrades or even equipment maintenance.

final section should contain issues and comments

5. Spellcheck and proof your report

You do not want to hand over a report to your boss that looks as if it was sloppily made. This kind of report has to be professional, so you have to make sure that it contains no errors whatsoever. Go over the report thoroughly and fix any kind of error that you are able to find. Once you have finished, all you have to do is save the file and store it in a folder where you have also stored past reports. Then, submit it to your boss via the company email, or you can print out a hard copy and submit it in person.

Spellcheck and proof your report

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