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There will come a time where every person will feel the need to create information or just simply share information with others; typically when this does happen, the ones receiving or tuning in to the information being shared would oftentimes be individuals who share a somewhat similar, if not exactly the same, mind-set.

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This is simply because a person will only ever show interest in a certain piece of information if it is related to their daily activities or is directly related to their interests. This is mainly described in the phrase “birds of the same feathers flock together.” This phrase is somewhat accurate since most people will tend to become acquainted with people of similar characteristics so as to easily relate to one another.

Medley – Beautiful WP Blogging Theme


Bluebird – WordPress Blog Theme


Blogs are often viewed as a rather effective means of conveying or displaying your thoughts and ideas to everyone connected to the Internet; however, this is under the circumstances that you are able to catch the attention of your targeted viewers, thus the introduction of a rather common problem most bloggers will face whenever they are going to make a blog. This problem is how to make one’s blog visible to other people online. Well, most bloggers tend to solve this problem by simply adding click baits as well as other forms of traffic-generating tactics.

One of the many tactics or strategies being implemented by bloggers would be to create a site that is appealing to their targeted audiences’ preferences. This can be done by simply selecting or creating the best format for their sites. As you will be viewing through our article here on, we will be displaying several templates for blogs or blog sites that you could use to create your blog as well as to make them somewhat appealing to your readers, which would directly affect user experience on your site.

Minimal WordPress Blog – TheWayIlive

minimal wordpress blog

Foody – Food WordPress Theme


How Do You Increase Web Traffic to Your Blog?

You may be wondering, how can you catch the attention of your targeted viewers or perhaps increase the number of people visiting your site every day? Well, there is no exact perfect method but there are several means or methods you could use to promote your website or blog, these methods being:

  • Studies and/or research has indeed indicated that the more often you write or update your blog, the more likely you will have an increase in the number of people visiting your site due to the fact that most Web search engines today use a form of algorithm that would typically place sites with updated information and alterations rather high on the search results list. This is a rather effective means of ensuring that your site will indeed get recognized; however, as stated earlier, no method is completely perfect. This is true even for this form of progression. Why is this method flawed? Mainly because it has a few problems. Firstly, this method is often used by other sites. The other reason would be that smaller sites are almost impossible to be accessed or found.
  • Links are another type of method most bloggers would implement nowadays as a means of increasing Web traffic to their site. By incorporating links to and from your website to other portions of your website as well as other websites, you are making your site become more visible and a much more effective blog, regardless of the nature of your blog—be it a blog for a labor day illustration or any other topic you can think for your blog.

Daisy – A Responsive WordPress Blog


  • Being present to every social media site or any site at all that caters to people socializing is another effective means of gaining traffic to your blog. This is mainly achieved by utilizing the purpose of each social media sites, since the main purpose of a social media site would be that they are used as a means of connecting everyone together via online interaction. Utilizing this aspect of social media, a blogger can spread their sites far and wide and across international areas. A rather common type of blog that is promoted via social media would be the fashion and lifestyle themed blogs; however, there is a downside to this method of promotion, namely, most people will typically treat links to other sites as advertisements and will ignore them.

Responsive WP Theme – Wanderlust

  • Create user-friendly contents. What does it mean to create user-friendly content? Simply put, you should design your content in a way that would allow users to browse through your site easily and rather efficiently. Users tend to give a higher ranking to sites that would focus on creating a simple but effective user experience. Bloggers who focus on this aspect of their site would tend to become more popular as compared to nonuser-friendly sites.

Hello World – WordPress Theme

  • Attach relevant and meaningful content to your blogs so as to keep your readers entertained and interested to your topic. This is often a basic method of gaining traffic but is often neglected due to the fact that the blogger tends to feel that the blog should focus more on written content instead of visual contents. Although this type of mind-set is not entirely flawed, it does, however, mean that the blogger lacks the flexibility to react to the constantly changing trends.

WordPress Theme Responsive – Maryanne

Making a blog has never been easier due to one simple fact. This fact being that most bloggers today will tend to use a ready-made blog site template to reduce the overall workload of actually creating a blog site. This is considered beneficial to the bloggers mainly because of the fact that the logger can now redirect all of their attention and energy to actually filling in the necessary contents for their specified blogs, which they will, in one way or another, use for the sharing of information and facts to other people online.

WordPress Theme Elle

WordPress Reese

Odds are you will be curious as to why a blog was ever made or rather why did blogging ever become a trend. Well, it began as a simple means of conveying the thoughts and opinions of a person. Another reason could be that blogging was a method of having the person write a day-to-day account of their activities and experiences in a way that mimics a diary or a biography of the person.

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