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What Is a Simple Menu?

A simple menu is just the same as any other typical menu usually seen in restaurants, but it has a more simplified design and appearance. Simple menus are mostly used by hotels and catering businesses that offer lunch and dinner buffet services for events such as birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties, and school ceremonies. The reason why they use simple menus is that the menu set for these events are exclusive. Hence, the menu cards for these events will only be used once.

How to Create a Simple Menu

Although a simple menu is a simplified version of the menus we're accustomed to seeing in restaurants and cafes, there are still a few tips that you should consider following when creating them, and we have gathered some of them for you.

1. Use a Good Editing Software

Creating a simple menu becomes a lot easier and convenient if you utilize a good editing software. It's because good editing software is user-friendly and has flexible features. Even if you're not an expert designer, you'll be capable of creating an elegant menu using good editing software. Among your choices should be Illustrator, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop (PSD), and Publisher. Alternatively, you can utilize free menu makers on the internet. You should also consider downloading editable and classy looking menu templates of which are available on this site.

2. Arrange the Courses Chronologically

You don't just encode the names of the dishes on the menu in random order. You must arrange them according to their course. The first should be the drinks menu, soups, followed by the appetizer dishes, salad dishes, main course dishes, and dessert dishes.

3. Use Elegant Fonts

For a menu to be as elegant as it should be, it must have elegant fonts. In the case of simple menus, the fonts of its texts is mainly what brings out its elegant nature. Simple menus typically don't have images on it or any artistic figure on its background. There are a variety of elegant fonts that you can choose from in any editing software you'll be using. Try on as many as you can until you'll find one that's good enough.

4. Use Boxes and Lines for Organization

Sometimes a sample menu has numerous dishes in a single course, and most of the time it'll be hard for the diners to pinpoint what course a certain dish belongs. So in cases like that, you simply make use of lines and boxes to organize and classify the list of the simple menu dishes and courses.

5. Use Quality Photo Papers

It may be a simple menu, but that doesn't mean you'll be using ordinary papers. What you must use for simple menus are quality photo papers. Photo papers are more durable to any physical hazards that ordinary papers succumb to. This is most important for buffet celebrations that occur outdoors. But the most important thing is that quality photo papers contribute to the elegance of the simple menu.

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