Simple Form Templates

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Forms have many advantages that can help improve your overall business process. Here at, we offer various types of ready-made simple form templates that you can use for any specific purpose. With the built-in customizable feature, you are guaranteed to easily create leave forms, evaluation forms, employment application forms, payment agreement forms, and even school documents. Professionally created by our business professionals, this template can be downloaded and edited in any versions on Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages. With the help of our printable templates, gathering information for any official purpose will be an efficient and convenient experience. Avail of our subscription plans and download our simple form templates today!

What are Simple Forms?

Forms are formal documents that are used to simplify information gathering processes. It contains all the possible questions or elements that are necessary for the completion of a certain procedure or step. For example, companies will need all your pertinent information to input in their database when you apply for a position; hence, the use of job application forms—this is also the same for membership application forms. It is a straightforward document that needs to be filled out by the applicant, customer or other parties.  

How to Create a Simple Form

Having the skill to create simple yet effective forms for any purpose can really help you out regardless if there usable templates. With that, we have provided a short and easy guide on how you can create a form below:

1. Make It Brief and Direct

Since the main purpose of a form is to make processes and procedures in data gathering more efficient and convenient, it is essential to make tailor your form to be brief and direct. This means that you only include questions and elements that are highly relevant to the purpose it will be used for. For example, if the form will be used for the purpose of creating a payslip or payroll, then, the contents should only be limited to the primary its components.

2. Provide Enough Writing Space

Sometimes, some questions or elements elicit longer answers or information; hence, the importance of providing enough writing space for each question or element. But you should still consider the overall layout of your form. You need to remember that your sample form should be brief, if possible, create a single-page form. 

3. Include Suggestive Headings

For each writing field, there should be a proper heading as to what information should be written. This ensures that the person filling it out can provide accurate information without the confusion. Remember that the accuracy of your data gathering for evaluations, questioning, assessments, etc. relies on the effectiveness of your form. Thus, make sure you include small but readable headings outside each writing field.

4. Use Formal Font Styles

Since your simple form will be used for official business, you should also use a formal font style/s. If you want to use more than one font style for emphasis, it is best to limit it to two to three formal font styles. Plus, you should avoid using cursive o anything bold to avoid confusing the writer/s.

5. If Possible, Make It Accessible Digitally

As you know, people have their phones, tablets, and laptops at their arms' reach at all times. Hence, it is appropriate to take advantage of this to ensure your data gathering is efficient and convenient for both you and the writer. As easy as it may seem, you need to be aware that there is a difference with creating a form specifically for a computer and phone interface. Most importantly, equipped your digital or online form with user-friendly features such as suggestive answer, error warnings, and so on.