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What is Wedding Invitation?

A wedding invitation card is a humble and polite request letter to ask the recipients to attend the event and bless the bride and groom. This letter often follows a formal and third-person narrative. It is circulated to people at least a week before the marriage date. Since it is a big day in everyone's life, we understand why you would like to make everything special about it. Thus, we have prepared several unique invitation templates to fit into your definition of wedding party invitations.

What are the Components of a Wedding Card?

People may have different creative plans and events that they might like to detail to their invitation cards. But it would surely add all the following components that are the most common in marriage party cards.

1. Host's name

2. Request to make the presence

3. Bride and Groom's names

4. Time, date, and venue of the wedding

5. Details about the reception

6. Dress code or event theme

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Card?

Framing a wedding card is easy, but how you mix and match different layouts in it makes it unique and creative. We have followed the following steps in preparing our templates to make it look attractive for your joyful events. Have a look at them and modify your invitation if you have missed out on anything.

Step 1: Select the Card Size

The card that you would send for inviting must b of a particular size. If you are using Adobe Photoshop, you will get various options to choose one from them, depending on the fact you will use it in print or send in emails.

Step 2: Pick Theme

A themed event attracts everyone's attention, and recipients get excited to attend the event, so never miss out on it.

Step 3: Use Graphics

It is up to you how you want to adorn your invitation card, but some romantic images and graphics make it look classy and better.

Step 4: Decide on the Typography

Even the typography has a lot to communicate. You should use the style of lettering that fits your event theme the best. Write a simple message, brief the events, and specify the wedding schedule.

Step 5: Download and Print

Once all the details are added in the invitation card, recheck them, fix all the mistakes. You can also apply different filters available if you want. Next, you can download and either print it for a physical invitation or send it as email invitations to family and friends.

Your wedding should be one of the most memorable things to happen in your life, but there are some things that you have to sort out along the way. Whether you are forced to invite people you barely know to appease your parents or feel compelled to ask your boss on the day you say “I do”. you know that no matter how grand or low-key you want the day to be, you need to impress your family, friends, and guests of the effort you planned on your big day. First impressions, especially your wedding invitations, will set the tone of just how impressive your guests expect your wedding to be. Not only does the letter provide the essential details of your wedding, but it also sets the tone of the event.

Wedding invitations, in particular, indicate how the event should appear, and also show what the bride and groom expect from their guests as well. Thanks to technology, there are numerous ways to send out wedding invitations -- even to your loved ones halfway across the globe. Paper invitations that your guests receive in the mail add a certain charm and elegance to the event, and will make people feel special due to its nature. On the other hand, email and social media make updating that much easier, because everything gets done in real-time, so you know how many people to expect, and your guests could get updates from your end as quickly, too.

Whichever kind of wedding invitation to go with, they should have an eye-catching design or creative invitation. It would help grab your guests’ attention, at the same time, maintain the theme and overall aesthetics that you want your wedding to have. Crafting the perfect invitation is vital in impressing your guests, but more importantly, it will set the tone that you want for your big day so that they can dress accordingly for the event. After all, you don’t want your friends to wear to the nines for a beach wedding, or show up in flip-flops for your elegant, black-tie banquet. offers a multitude of wedding invitations to fit any theme or style that you want. From classy and elegant letters to vintage and hipster aesthetics, laid-back beach weddings, or even themed events. Like from bridal shower invitations, formal invitation to anniversary invitation cards, everything is available right on this website. Each of these templates comes with high-quality photos and graphics, with a stunning 300 dpi resolution for a beautiful invitation quality on paper or online. We frame all of our templates to be used conveniently in both soft and hardcopy. Take a look at our vast template gallery and download your perfect wedding invitation now.

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