Accounting Internal Audit Assessment Review

Accounting Internal Audit
Assessment Review

This document presents the findings from the recent internal audit assessment conducted by our internal audit team. The review focused on evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of our accounting processes, internal controls, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The goal was to identify areas of strength, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement within our accounting operations.

Audit Scope

The audit covered the following key areas within our accounting department:

  • Revenue and Receivables

  • Payroll and Benefits

  • Procurement and Payables

  • Financial Reporting and Compliance

The assessment period was from [Start Date] to [End Date], encompassing all relevant transactions and processes within this timeframe.


Our audit methodology included a combination of interviews, document reviews, transaction testing, and analytical procedures. This approach allowed us to obtain a comprehensive understanding of our accounting practices and control environment.

Findings and Observations



Risk Level


Revenue and Receivables

Inadequate segregation of duties in the invoicing process.


Implement a process where invoicing and payment recording are performed by separate individuals.

Payroll and Benefits

Lack of regular payroll audits to verify accuracy.


Conduct semi-annual payroll audits to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Procurement and Payables

Delayed payments to suppliers causing potential for late fees.


Streamline the payment process to ensure timely payments.

Financial Reporting and Compliance

Insufficient documentation for expense reporting.


Enhance documentation requirements and training for expense reporting.

Overall Assessment

The audit revealed areas where our accounting practices are strong, as well as areas requiring attention to mitigate risks and enhance operational efficiency. Specifically, the need for better segregation of duties and more rigorous documentation practices was identified as critical to improving our internal control environment.


Based on our findings, we recommend the following actions:

  • Implement segregation of duties: This will reduce the risk of errors or fraud in critical areas such as invoicing and payment processing.

  • Conduct regular audits and reviews: Regular audits of payroll and other significant areas will help ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • Streamline payment processes: Improving the efficiency of our payment processes will help avoid delays and potential late fees.

  • Enhance documentation practices: By requiring more rigorous documentation, we can improve compliance and the accuracy of our financial reporting.

Management Response

Management is committed to addressing the findings and recommendations from this audit. Action plans will be developed and implemented to rectify the identified issues. Regular follow-up audits will be scheduled to monitor progress.


This internal audit assessment has provided valuable insights into our accounting operations. By addressing the identified areas for improvement, we can strengthen our internal controls, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure continued compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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