How to Write an Appreciation Letter in Microsoft Word

Help comes in various ways and from different kinds of people. It might be through money, effort, or material things. With that, it's best to communicate your appreciation of the person's hardwork through a letter. You can easily make that through Microsoft Word.

We'll walk you through the process of writing an appreciation letter with our tips below.

1. Be Thankful

Appreciation almost equates to thankfulness. Thank the person for going into lengths for you. It can be about accomplishing a task or giving the help that you need for a certain matter. Your simple letter should start with a simple thank you above anything else.

2. State the Details

Support your thankfulness with a situation that leads you to thank the person. Explain the situation and how he helped you to get through it. You don't need to tell the whole story. Just write short sentences of gratitude for this part of your sample letter.

3. Mention Positive Qualities

Enumerate the person's best qualities that make up his character. You don't have to name every quality. Pick the best ones that you think are admirable for you and other people. That's one way of boosting the morale of a person who willingly helped you in the duration of your professional partnership. Always write in simple sentences, so the message of your letter won't go astray.

4. Extend Well Wishes

The last part of your editable letter is for extending well wishes to the person. Make it as sincere and coherent as possible. After wrapping up the letter, look for any glaring error and correct it immediately.

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