Birthday Greeting Card Templates

Greet Your Friend, Lover, or Husband a Happy Birthday by Making Beautiful, Handmade, and Creative Birthday Greeting Card Designs. Whether You Want Traditional or Animated Design for the Greeting Cards, We Recommend that You Easily and Quickly Download Our Free Simple and Printable Birthday Greeting Card Templates Here at!See more

Birthdays are some of the most special days that people can experience. It's the celebration of someone's birth, growth, and life. And to make the person feel extra special on his or her birthday, you can send a birthday greeting card. Birthday greeting cards can be handmade, bought, or personalized. Either way, you can give the same feeling of happiness to the celebrant. And if you've chosen the latter, we have prepared the best downloadable Birthday Greeting Card Templates. 

Our templates range from simple, unique, fun, to formal. You can give these birthday card templates and send the best wishes to your friend, lover, husband, brother, and other people important to you. Each template has a beautiful design, background, and greeting for the recipient. Our graphic designers designed each template carefully and added designs that will surely catch your recipient's eyes. You can show your love and warm thoughts to the celebrant through the beauty of your cards. 

What's more, you can even easily edit the card templates without any problems. First, just click the template of your choice and select what software you want to use. You can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher, or's editor tool. You don't need outstanding editing skills to complete your greeting card easily. Now, it's time to choose from the collection above and edit your template. You can print it or just send it online, send it to your recipient, and leave a beautiful smile on his or her face.