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What Is an Education Brochure?

An education brochure is a printed and folded marketing material that businesses or facilities use to promote education or educational materials. Just like any other brochure, this one can either have two or more panels depending on how much content needs to be communicated.

How to Make Education Brochures in Adobe InDesign

Bring attention to your business or educational facility by making effective and compelling education brochures easily. Here, we'll be providing you with instructions on how you can do it using Adobe InDesign.

1. Identify the Specific Purpose of Your Brochures

As mentioned earlier, an education brochure can have various purposes, all of which are related to promoting good education of course. However, what do you really plan to advertise, promote, or market through your brochures? Are you using it to promote your school and your facilities? Or is it for guiding people to college brochures that are ideal for them? Whatever it might be, just make sure to be specific in identifying the purpose of your education brochures.

2. Select a Target Audience

A target audience refers to a specific group of people who are being sought after by the advertiser in their marketing campaign, and this may either be a specific age group, gender, or culture. Selecting a target audience is important because it'll help you customize your brochure's design and content according to their tastes. Oftentimes, your brochure's target audience would be different from the student as with the case of preschool or elementary school brochures.

3. Outline Your List of Services

To make sure that all necessary content is added and no information is left out, it is actually recommended that you create an outline of the services that you're offering. Typically, this should be done if your modern brochures are intended to promote a university or any educational facility. If not, however, you can instead make a list of the educational products that your business is selling.

4. Use Adobe InDesign to Design Your Brochures

When it comes to creating advertisement materials, Adobe InDesign is one of the most commonly used typesetting and publishing tools since it allows you to do what you want in a user-friendly interface. It's all very straightforward. Simply launch the application, start a new project, and then work on your simple brochures. And of course, choose whether to go for a bifold or trifold brochure type to determine how you can organize your content.

5. Add and Proofread Your Content

In terms of content, you can start adding them once you've decided on a brochure type and you've set the layout. Refer to the list of services (or products) that you have prepared in the previous step to come up with your content. Organize your content accordingly and logically to help the reader gather the information easily; you might even take advantage of the brochure's panels to organize your content.

6. Design a Cover for Your Brochures

Never call it a wrap if you haven't made a cover design for your brochure yet, it's actually essential since it serves to give readers an idea of the actual content. Regardless of the brochure type, you should make a creative brochures design that's both attractive and informative. It is also on the cover page that readers get details about your identity as well as your contact numbers.

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