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What is a Funeral Brochure?

A funeral brochure is a printed handout that is given out during a funeral or memorial service. It can also be called a funeral program or memorial service program. The brochure gives details about the funeral service and some information about the deceased. It is typically made with a tri-fold layout wherein the paper folds twice to give six panels of information, although not necessarily required for all funeral brochures. Other layouts include bi-folds or two and four-page graduated folds that make it look like a booklet.

How to Make a Funeral Brochure in Adobe InDesign

1. Familiarize With the Program

Adobe InDesign shares similarities with its sister program Adobe Illustrator. Both are vector-based programs. The main difference is that for projects like producing funeral brochures, InDesign is more ideal in handling multiple pages. If you haven't had any experience using Adobe programs you can watch Adobe InDesign tutorials online and work as you learn.

2. Create a Rough Draft of the Layout

Before you begin creating anything, it's best to get some idea of what you want your program brochure to look like. Making several drafts can help you pick out your best design. Make sure you label the spaces so you know where to put certain elements.

3. Printing a Picture of the Deceased

Displaying a picture of the deceased helps the reader and attendants identify who the service is for. Make sure your image is one that can be easily edited (cropped or resized) so you can adjust the image if necessary. When it comes to resizing on the brochure design template, make the size large enough to catch the reader's attention but not too large that it takes up a lot of space. Also, remember that the image you choose has to be appropriate. You can't just pick out any photo. The only time you can possibly exempt this rule is if the deceased wrote to pick a specific photograph.

4. Provide Information About the Deceased

You begin with the complete name of the person followed by their date and birth and the complete address. The last thing you include is the location, date, and time of their passing. Double-check to make sure the information you gave is accurate.

5. Provide Their Achievements in Life

In the memorial brochure, create a section wherein you talk about the deceased. The things you talk about have to be positive. Make the content here celebrate the person while they were alive. Talk about the things they did that they enjoyed and the accomplishments they had in life. In this section, you have to share things that the reader would like to know and not stray into unnecessary details. Just go straight to the point.

6. Add Details About the Service

Here you put details about the memorial service and point out the date and time of the service. Make sure your directions to the venue are accurate so that the people in attendance won't get lost along the way. You also have to include the order of the service and the name of the person officiating the service. Also, write down what the funeral service program brochure includes and the time they occur.

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