When you have a lot to feature in your brochure, a tri-fold brochure suits your needs. With its excellent space, showcasing your products and service offerings won’t be a problem anymore. No matter what industry you belong, we have here a variety of tri-fold brochure template design options that are easily editable so that you can add in fine details about your business and include design elements of your choice. The samples presented herein are downloadable for FREE and are available in any file formats. What's holding you back to not download any of these templates? Grab this awesome offer today because rest assured all these templates are in high-quality. 

What is a Trifold Brochure?

Brochures can be in different folding styles, two common styles are tri-fold and bi-fold brochures. A tri-fold brochure is widely used in cases where you prefer to disclose lengthy information regarding your product or services to promote and market it in your target audience. With a tri-fold brochure, you can break down its space in three different sections where details, images, and charts can be inputted. Print trifold brochures are more affordable than the full-scale ones.

Moreover, this folding style has a pocket-size nature wherein customers can freely slide this brochure into their back-pocket and is easy to take-away. If you are in a startup business, you can create tri-fold brochures for your effective marketing strategy.

How to Create a Tri-fold Brochure

You can make this printed brochure simply by folding a paper in three different sections. This can be in any paper size of your choice, but its standard size is of a normal letter format or 8.5" x 11".

This can be similar to how a pamphlet looks like, however, it varies on the subject focus. When making tri-fold brochures, you can either present one or different products and services, slightly different from the pamphlet which focuses only on one.

Given that tri-fold marketing brochures provide ample space, evaluating the details to include in each section might be a challenge to you. Since there are three sections and has a front and back portion, then you have a total of six sections to utilize. To guide you in proper formatting, presented below are the sections and what details to include.

1. Outside Front Cover

This is the first section that your audience can easily see. This usually includes the company name, an image or the business logo, and the call of action or the message that encourages the reader to continue reading to other sections. This part has to be compelling — can be creative or minimalist in form.

2. Inside Front Cover

If your reader was enticed by your outside font cover, then he/she will gradually unfold the product or service brochure design to look the inside front cover or the back portion of the first section. This is the most important section since this includes information about your products and services to be discussed during the conference that your reader might seek assurance.

3. Interior Part

Let's presume that your reader is interested to know more about your printable brochure, he/she will look after the interior section. This part is mixed up with details which demands you to organize it accordingly.

4. Extra Panel

Commonly, this comprises testimonials and reviews from your customers to your product and services. You can leave a portion of this part as blank for note-taking.

5. Outside Back

You did great in your advertising brochure designing if the reader ends up in this section. This covers the contact information, either a number or an email address. This includes modes of communication if readers have questions and clarification about your offer, may it be products or services.

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