How To Design Tri-Fold Brochures in Apple Pages

Brochures are one of the most effective and economical marketing tool used by startup companies and well-established businesses to promote their products and services. However, because of the significant influence and use of digital marketing nowadays, some often disregard it and considers it as an unnecessary budget expense. After all, these marketing materials are more costly and expensive compared to simple flyers and leaflets. However, there are more benefits that a foldable brochure can offer to a business, particularly tri-fold brochures.

To help you create a cost-effective and easy to display tri-fold brochures, we have listed some useful and helpful design tips for you to consider.

1. Make Use Of Templates

In designing a tri-fold brochure, you need to equip yourself with the proper design template at hand. The editable brochure template should come with a layout guide to ensure that the final printout has the appropriate bleed and fold lines needed to create your trifold brochure design easily. If you want to use creatively designed templates for this, offers it best.

2. Think About The Order Of Information

Make your tri-fold brochure look more appealing by giving it a sense of order. Make it easy for your customers to understand the content of your brochure by offering and subdividing the amount of information that needs to be present in each panel. If you're creating a brochure for advertising purposes, it would be best if you reserve the middle portion of your brochure design for product descriptions and services.

3. Bring Attention To The Front & Back Panels

The front and back panel designs of your tri-fold brochure can say a lot about the entirety of the brochure. In conceptualizing them, make sure that it catches the eyes of the customer. The design should directly communicate your brand message or attract your customers, but most importantly, it should be engaging with the use of images that best represents your company's core values.

4. Setup Margins Correctly

When it comes to tri-fold brochures, the set margins between panels should be as twice as wide as the outside ones. This may look slightly strange when flat, but it would also help you assure that you'll have equal left and right margins on each panel when the brochure is folded.

5. Develop It In Apple Pages

Equipped with its powerful word processor that can help you create stunning and beautifully-designed documents, Apple Pages is the best editing tool for tasks like this. It has a very creative environment that helps you achieve professional and modern looking tri-fold brochures of any type. Whether it's restaurant brochures or church brochures, Apple Pages can do it for you!

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