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How to Make a Greeting Card in Apple Pages

Greeting cards allow someone to reach out emotionally with other people who have touched their lives at some point. These are mainly used to express gratitude, love, and care to other people. But, with the fast-growing digital trends, the future of greeting cards seem unstable. According to an article by the National Public Radio, INC (US), social media and e-greeting cards have affected the traditional greeting card industry. However, because of millennials, greeting cards are still a thing despite the emergence of the digital age.

To help you create an outstanding greeting card, we have provided you with an easy guide that you can follow. The simple guide below will teach you how to make a greeting card in apple pages. Check them out!

1. Know the Theme of your Greeting Card

The first thing that you need to do is to know the concept of your greeting card. Being able to identify the theme will help you with the overall process of making your greeting card from the design, layout down to the content. For example, if you want to create a thank you greeting card, make sure to use attracting graphic designs, font styles, compelling images, and text related to the occasion.

2. Open Apple Pages Application

After identifying your concept, you can already proceed to design your sample greeting card. Apple Pages is one of the highly suggested graphic design software. It is easy to use and also offers you excellent features and beautiful graphic designs. To use Apple Pages, simply click the new file icon, choose a template that suits your needs from the template chooser toolbar. You can also change the language in the Language pop-up menu.

3. Write the Content for your Greeting Card

Greeting cards are used to connect to people close to us—families and extended relatives and friends. So, in composing your content, be sure to have a nice touch to it.

If you're making an editable wedding greeting card, include putting wedding wishes or even a simple 'congratulations.' Remember to make your content as lively as possible to show to your recipient that you're happy for them.

4. Choose a Paper Stock for your Greeting Card

Your receiver will appreciate not only the design and what's inside your greeting card, but also the type of paper you used in printing your greeting card. So, better yet, use a paper stock that is stiff, smooth, and thick that will not ruin the quality of your printable greeting card easily.

5. Print out and Distribute your Greeting Card

If you are sure about how your greeting card looks like, then you can already proceed to the printing process. If you're planning to print your greeting card, make sure to use a high-resolution printing machine that will help you produce an eye-catching greeting card. When you're done printing your professional greeting card, then you can hand it out to your receiver.

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