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  • Make it easier to record and keep track of all payments for sales or services rendered by downloading our free ready-made invoice templates that you can easily edit and modify on Apple Pages for Mac. Whether you offer your services as a freelance specialist or running a travel business, a medical clinic or just needing a blank invoice template for general use, you can download our invoice templates and receipt templates freely. You can edit or customize these according to your specifications. Our creative templates come with a standard layout for invoices and are professionally designed with content and text fonts for ease of use. Available in A4 and US letter sizes. Use our sample templates to create a high-quality business, service, and commercial invoices.

    How To Make An Invoice In Apple Pages

    An invoice sometimes referred to as a sales invoice, is a document published by a company to specify a transaction and request payment for a supplied product or service. An invoice document is a significant component of any company. They assist you in getting paid timely, maintain a record of your accounts, and enable you to create long-term, solid relationships with your customers when done right. Outlined below are easy steps that will teach you how to create an invoice.

    1. Information About the Company

    It is significant to adequately explain who is asking the payment when trying to create an account statement. Incorporate your logo, company name, company address, telephone number, fax number, and email address. Unlike many financial documents used in marketing and sales, a company's section or a brand tagline are not included in the billing statements. List the necessary amount of information if you like to keep your statements professional. However, your sales receipts also don't have to be dull.

    2. Information About the Payee

    After stating the details of your own company, indicate the person or company information that will be charged for the statement. One of the basic aspects of a business invoice is to make a clear distinction between the payer and the payee. Be extra cautious about spelling when producing a billing statement. Double-check the names, addresses, and emails to avoid errors. 

    3. Issue Date, Due Date, and Invoice Number

    Besides clearly specifying the details of the payer and payee in your invoice document, you must specify dates and a unique identifier to make sure prompt payment. In that way, you can make it easy to coordinate your billing statements. It is essential to have a separate bill amount for each document when it comes to arranging and documenting billing statements. It makes communication with customers about payments much easier.

    4. Products, Services or Expenses Sold

    In making a service invoice, you will have to list all products or services that are billed here, along with any additional costs. To guarantee that both parties, payer and payee, are associated, ensure this section is detailed, concise, and thorough. 

    5. Taxes, Discounts, and Fees

    You must specify any other charges or things that are added to the total, at the end of the declaration of payment. It may include special offers, state/country taxes, service charges or other additional fees not included in the items invoiced but added to the total.

    6. Total Amount

    The amount to be paid must be specified for both parties to document and for reference purposes of your client. Record the product's discounts, charges, and taxes below the subtotal of all billed products to calculate the complete sum due and add them up. Always double-check before sending the total amount to ensure that your calculations are exactly right. You may use software or application in getting the total amount for a hassle-free job. 

    7. Payment Terms

    To avoid any uncertainty and unnecessary communication, show obviously on your account the declaration of all payment terms. You should also mention the address linked to the bank account for direct deposits. You may use a new email address for online payments that were not listed. There are payment apps where you can easily make and receive payments.