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How to Create Menus in Apple Pages?

The restaurant menus that we know and love today did not receive the same recognition back then. Restaurants had little regard back in the days as it was said to be of poor taste and menus were not even needed. The menus' history is way different from how it is now. The pages on the menu of your favorite diner do not only contain a list of specials and its price. It is now an essential part of a restaurant or bar that showcases the store's offerings, theme, and style. It comes in various formats and with high-quality pictures, no less, to stimulate the customers' appetite further.

1. Create a List in Categories

An impressive menu is not only visually attractive. It should also be easy to navigate through. Ideally, separate your dishes into segments. Have separate pages for breakfast meals, another for lunch, and other pages for dinner meals. These categories make it easy for your customers where to go if they want meals from these specific categories. You can also have a separate menu or list for your desserts and drinks, especially if you have specials for these both segments. This method will also be an efficient inventory method.

2. Include High-Quality Pictures

The vintage menu is your restaurant's food catalog. It aims to amplify the craving of the customer. And the simplest way to do this is to include high-quality pictures of the various dishes that you offer. A smart way to do this is to add photos of new products, house specials, and all-time favorites. Customers are more likely to order meals that they have an idea about or know how it looks. Additionally, including realistic pictures of new offerings may intrigue patrons to try it out.

3. Choose Readable Fonts

The font style and size is also a crucial feature in designing any menu. The font style can also help capture the style and theme of the restaurant or event. As seen in wedding menu cards, the font styles are usually in a flowy but readable script that adds to the regal theme of the occasion. Both the size and style adds to the readability of the text. As an advertising tool, a menu must have high readability because every customer will use it. They should be able to use it to ease the process in ordering and not the other way around.

4. Have an Effective Layout

Layouts make or break any graphic template. In elegant menus, arrangements have a significant impact on what your customers will order. The design does not only include the placement of the texts, but it also consists of the arrangement of photographs. As stated, customers are more likely to order dishes that have pictures. You can use this to increase sales of new recipes. Additionally, the layout should also be clean and organized to avoid confusion. The prices should be in line with the name of the meal or recipe.

5. Showcase Specials

A common practice in showing specials is to have separate pages for these meals. But, these cause an increase in menu production. Another way to effectively highlight specials is to enclose the items in a bright colored border. Being surrounded in edges captures the attention of the customer, which can also pique their interest in the product. This method is highly effective in one-page menus, minimal brochures, and posters.

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