More than just a way to imprint a brand’s identity on its stationeries, letterheads help a company promote its name. It is also a symbol of competency and quality. Check out our premium quality letterhead templates in Apple Pages. They are ready-made and fully customizable in A4 and US letter sizes. Download now!

How to Make a Letterhead in Apple Pages

You’ll be surprised at how such a minimal thing can do wonders for your business. Learn how you can make a letterhead through the steps below:

1. Don’t Complicate

A business letterhead serves its purpose well when it comes in a simple package. It should provide the details it needs to convey and not hog the audience’s attention away from the content.

2. Include Basic Details Only

Other than keeping your printable letterhead design to a minimum, remember to have the basic details only. It should contain no more than your company logo, company name, contact details, and mailing address.

3. Present Your Brand

Don’t stray far from your branding elements when deciding how your simple letterhead should look like. Employ your brand’s color palette and typography to represent your enterprise visually. If you’re making a personal letterhead, you can tailor it to what fits your industry and personality.

4. Consider Where You Might Use It On

There are several things you can apply your letterhead on besides the usual letter documents. You can place it on stationery such as envelopes and business cards. Make sure it’s flexible when adjusted in different formats and sizes.

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