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How to Make Meeting Minutes in Apple Pages

Meetings are one of the essential assemblies that any company or organization does. Meetings can be weekly, monthly, or annual. A church, a construction project, or a nonprofit organization can use meeting minutes. Since this is quite a long process, we need people to take down notes about it. So, minutes of a meeting exists. This manner is the written notes of the meeting itself. Mostly a staff or a secretary does the job. If you are to make meeting minutes, here are some steps for you:

1. Note Down the Attendance and Agendas

The most crucial part is to take down notes about the meeting. When you write down the notes, you don't have to make it in a word-by-word process. All you need to do is to take down the essential parts of the discussed information. Before the meeting starts, you have to check if all the members of the conference are present. Make notes of the names of the people present and absent during the session. A study says that time-wasting at work is prevalent; however, 62% of people still attend meetings. Next, you have also to write down the agenda items at the meeting. Agenda items are the things that your meeting has accomplished. Mostly, the members of the meeting will receive the agenda days before the meeting. You also need to include the agendas that the members added during the session.

2. List Down Important Dates and Actions

During a meeting, there can be specific dates that the meeting has discussed. You need to include it in your notes. These dates can be for a project or a due date. Another thing, you also have to take down the actions taken by the members of the meeting. You don't need to write in a long narrative form. One to two sentences will do. Make sure that your writings are easy to comprehend. Moreover, you also have to add the votings on the meeting. You can write down the names of the members who made second motions.

3. Use a Template

After the meeting, it is your job to organize your notes. Since organizing your notes will take too much time, you will need a template. Templates will help you with organizing and customizing your records properly. So, to help you, we have meeting minutes templates for you. Our templates are high-quality, so you won't have to stress yourself with quality. After you have your template, open Apple Pages; this is a word processor that has features and tools to help you with customizing your template. You can easily input your notes on the template and edit them. What's good about this program is that you can edit on your Mac or PC.

4. Send the Meeting Minutes to the Members

Save your file then send it to the members. Don't forget to type your name on the bottom as the person who prepared it. You can send the minutes of the meeting file through email. Do not forget to send the data to the members who failed to attend the meeting. You will help them know what happened at the meeting. Moreover, meeting minutes will also stand as a reference for the members, in case.

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