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How To Create A Printable Certificate In Pages

Certificates are used in various occasions and purposes. Some are handed as rewards like achievement certificates, participation certificates, recognition certifications, award certificates, and attendance certificates. Some are also given in as a legal document like birth certificate, graduation certificates, and medical certificates. Thus, we give you this article that will give you tips and tricks to making the best printable certificate in Apple Pages.

1. Gather Key Information

First and foremost, you need to gather all the information you need so that your certificate-making will go smoothly and quickly. Collect the names of the people you need to mention, the date, the time, the name of the event, and anything you think is relevant and should be mentioned on the printable certificate.

2. Choose A Template

You have the choice to start from a blank canvass but it usually takes up too much time. We suggest you choose from numerous of certificate templates we have here on We have gift certificates, training certificates, and many more. Choose the perfect printable template which can be easily edited through Apple Pages if you are a Mac User. Through Apple Pages, you can easily add the title, name, descriptions, background, border, and even the layout design.

3. Give A Title

Most certificates have a large title written usually on top of the document. The title is essential since it will let everyone know what that person has achieved or accomplished to receive that certificate. Write a brief title like "Diploma Certificate", "Birth Certificate" or "Certificate of Appreciation". The title can be straight to the point or long and catchy, it actually depends on the formality of the certificate.

4. Highlight The Name

You can always find a name in any certificate. The name is usually emphasized on the certificate by using large fonts types. However, if it is a legal document like a medical certificate or a diploma certificate, it is not highlighted. The font used in the mentioned certificates is similar to the font used in the description. If you use a template, you will not need to worry since ready-made templates have suggestive fonts that are available. Always double-check the names to avoid misspellings.

5. Affix Signature

Affixing signatures on the certificates will make it valid. You have two choices in affixing the signature. It is either digitally or after you have printed the document. Typically, two signatures are affixed on the sample certificate. These signatures are usually the sponsors, organizers, or the head of the company that holds the event.

6. Print And Distribute The Certificate

Print the certificate in the most appropriate paper stock. Once done, think of the best way to give away your printable certificate. For example, you are giving away an appreciation certificate, the best way to distribute this type of certificate is after the event.