Newspaper Pages Templates

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How To Make Newspapers In Pages

The traditional way of sharing news which is the newspaper is at a disadvantage nowadays. Based on a survey by Pew Research Center, there is a decline in the newspaper industry, about 41% of Americans prefer getting news through the television, and 37% prefer to get news online. On the other hand, Americans who prefer newspapers are only 13%.

Newspapers have been an important constituent of people's everyday life. There are times where people need to confirm the news shared online, whether it is fake news or not since newspapers are credible and have been in the industry for so long. If you are enticed to continue and construct your newspaper, here is a step-by-step process in making one. Check it out.  

1. The Focus

Numerous newspaper companies have been in the industry for so long. These companies will be your competition once you join the business. So, to stand out from your competitors, your newspaper needs to have a specific focus. There are newspapers who focus on local news. Some focus on international news. Look for a focus, and that will be your asset. You can focus on sports, school, health, real estate, art and culture, politics, or religion. Try to do some rounds on the location where you want to distribute your newspaper and ask around what news do these people want to read and know. The most demanded news can be your focus. 

2. The Publication

In this section, you need to name your publication. Now that you've determined your purpose, you can easily create a name for your publication. The name needs to correspond with your newspaper's focus. After thinking it through, open Apple Pages (exclusive for Mac users) and give your publication's name a design. Be creative with your design. Play around with fonts, colors, and sizes to create the perfect design. The name of your publication needs to be prominent on the front page of your newspaper. 

3. The Format

Decide on the layout of your newspaper template from the beginning to the end page. Try to use a different design and style on each page to keep it interesting yet functional. Pay extra attention to the format of the first page. The first page is basically what people will see first. Experiment with the placement of the articles, stories, and headlines. The format should present the articles and stories functionally. Assign articles with a similar agenda on the same page. 

4. The Stories

There are many stories you can write about. Every day there are new discoveries in whatever area you want to focus on. Publish stories that are relevant and interesting only. Don't publish mediocre stories and articles. Go around, talk to people, or research. Surely at the end of the day, you can find a unique story that will spark the interest of your readers. Place on the first page stories that people will talk about all day like breaking news. After writing and editing your story, start placing your stories in your sample newspaper. 

5. The Newspaper

Before printing your newspaper, there are considerations to think about. The first one is the size. Choose from the sizes broadsheet, berliner, tabloid, and compact. The second consideration is the distribution. How many are you going to distribute? Is your distribution going to be daily? Or weekly? 

If you think that your newspaper is ready, start printing your newspaper. You can not use your home printer to produce your newspaper. You have to invest in a good newspaper printing machine. If you don't have enough budget to purchase one, you can coordinate with printing services who specialize in producing newspapers.